23 - 29 October 2023


All Day



Conference Circular Week 2023

Circular Week is an international series of events and initiatives dedicated to the circular economy and sustainable development, taking place across Europe. The aim of Circular Week is to promote the concept of a closed-loop economy, support sustainable business models, and foster collaboration among stakeholders.

Circular Week is a nationwide educational campaign about circular economy, sustainable production and consumption. It will be the 6th edition of this initiative and by this annual project, we would like to contribute and accelerate the transformation into a circular future.

CIRCULAR WEEK will take place between  23 – 29 of October 2023. Participants can join events dedicated to Circular Economy transformation and sustainable production and consumption all over Europe. Each day of the Circular Week will be dedicated to different topic regarding Circular Economy as sustainable packaging, construction, food and bioeconomy, textile, circular design, circular business model etc. Around this topics various events will take place: workshops, seminars, networking meetings. Circular Week will give the unique chance of  business matchmaking and networking for both Polish and international participants.

The focal point of the circular week is International Mazovia Circular Congress. One of the biggest and most prestigious conference in Poland regarding the circular economy topic. Event is targeted to public administration, local municipalities, companies, CSR, sustainable managers, local administration, start-ups, media. Due to broad promotion it will reach the general public as well.

Main objective is to educate about the circular economy and sustainable development and promote sustainable business’s and solutions. We would like to show what advantage could be achieved by closing the loop and how sustainable consumption and production  can have a positive impact on the environment, biodiversity loss and climate change. On the other hand through Circular Week we would like to promote effective, innovative, green solutions and effective systemic changes. It is about rising awareness, behaviour change and about involvement and engagement in the circular transition.



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