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15 June 2023


19:00 - 23:00



Networking Business Ferryboat Cruise & Party


We cordially invite you to a unique networking event! EY and the British Polish Chamber of Commerce are pleased to invite you to the Business Ferryboat Cruise & Party, which will take place aboard the river ship GOPLANA. We set sail on June 15th at 7:00 PM for a four-hour cruise along the Odra river, which will surely provide unforgettable experiences!

We have prepared a colorful outdoor party under the stars, full of aromatic cocktails with umbrellas, delicious fruits, exquisite wines, and excellent dishes by the Chef of the Wyndham Hotel. One of the attractions of the evening will be a tasting of rare wines and whiskies, which will surely enhance the time spent on the ship. All of this will be complemented by beautiful views from the ship’s deck, and the stop at 10:00 PM will allow for a moment of rest and contemplation of the city’s beauty.

Our meeting is also an excellent opportunity for EY clients and members of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce to integrate. It will be a unique moment to establish new contacts, exchange business experiences, and build lasting relationships.

The ship sets sail from the Dunikowskiego Boulevard Embankment near the Market Hall in Wrocław. The number of seats is limited, so the order of applications will be decisive. Admission is free, but confirmation of attendance is required by June 12th, 2023, by clicking on the registration link. See you on board the GOPLANA ship!

River ship GOPLANA, Dunikowskiego Boulevard Embankment near the Market Hall, Wrocław