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2015-04-23, 09:00 am

4th Grant Thornton Entrepreneur Forum

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 4th Grant Thornton Entrepreneur Forum held on 23rd of April in Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw.

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2016-02-23, 05:00 pm

Speed Business Meeting Poznań

Speed Business Meeting is a unique formula in which participants take part in a series of direct meetings, during which you will have a chance to present your company, exchange business cards, make new contacts and find new customers, suppliers, investors.

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2014-07-21, 12:00 am

Who said there were no more EU funds available?

The BPCC's Tax & Finance Reform policy group met on 26 June for a meeting held in collaboration with PNO Consultants, on the subject of EU funds. Subtitled "Who said that were no more EU funds available", the event was intended to prove otherwise. CEO of PNO Consultants, Thomas Hoffmann, presented the EU-funded programmes that were still currently available.

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2016-01-22, 04:43 pm

BPCC in Katowice discusses factors that make countries and regions attractive to investors

Last month, Poland’s inward investment agency PAIiIZ published a report Foreign Business Has Taken Root in Poland. The report presents the results of an investment climate survey carried out in collaboration with Grant Thornton and HSBC Bank Polska. This was the basis for a meeting at which BPCC members and their guests discussed the factors that make foreign investors decide where to invest their capital. The discussion looked at Poland and the UK, and in Poland, specifically at Upper Silesia.

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2016-06-21, 09:15 am

Ireland, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates 2016 Seminar

Ireland, Switzerland & United Arab Emirates 2016 Seminar, jointly organized by the GESSEL Attorneys at Law and Premier Consulting Group, will present the details and advantages of three various tax-friendly jurisdictions, from various legal and political/geographical environments, being European (EU), European (non-EU) and Middle East.

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2017-03-02, 12:00 pm

Investment climate of the Silesia Region – why foreign investors should choose the Silesia region as a base of their operations in Central Europe

British-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Grant Thornton invite you to a debate.

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2020-02-11, 12:00 am

Major Boost for bus services as PM Outlines new vision for local transport

Bus services across the country will be transformed with simpler fares, thousands of new buses, improved routes and higher frequencies, the PM will announce today.

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2020-03-24, 12:00 am

The Corona Shield – Poland’s response

Last week, the Polish government announced a plan to combat the economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic. The plan, covering five areas, was prepared jointly with the National Bank of Poland (NBP) and the financial supervisory body, the KNF. The PLN 212 billion package is worth over 9% of GDP, but only PLN 66 billion will have the form of direct expenditure. There are four sources of funding: the direct expenditure; guarantees from BGK, the state development bank; deferment of personal income tax (PIT) and social security (ZUS) contributions (PLN 74 billion); and the release of banks’ liquidity made by the NBP (PLN 70 billion).

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2020-05-18, 10:00 am

Zmiany w podejściu do przetwarzania danych osobowych w dobie pandemii koronawirusa

Pandemia koronawirusa w istotny sposób wpłynęła na kwestie związane z przetwarzaniem i bezpieczeństwem danych osobowych w naszym środowisku pracy. Obecna sytuacja wymaga także wykorzystania danych osobowych do walki z rozprzestrzenianiem się wirusa. Jak zatem choroba COVID 19 wpłynęła na podejście do przetwarzania danych osobowych? I jakie konsekwencje dla ochrony danych osobowych ta sytuacja może mieć w przyszłości? Na te i inne pytania postaramy się odpowiedzieć podczas naszego webinaru.

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2020-12-10, 10:00 am

Sposoby zmiany warunków zatrudnienia w czasie pandemii – zwiększenie elastyczności i obniżenie wydatków

W obecnych, dynamiczne zmieniających się okolicznościach rynkowych, aby zapewnić firmom ciągłość działania często potrzebne jest zwiększenie elastyczności ich funkcjonowania bądź zmiana modelu biznesowego. Niejednokrotnie, aby tego dokonać, konieczne jest wykorzystanie narzędzi prawa pracy. W imieniu Urzędu Miasta Poznania serdecznie zapraszamy na bezpłatny webinar, podczas którego szczegółowo omówimy te narzędzia i przedstawimy sposoby zmiany warunków zatrudnienia w czasie pandemii.

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