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2022-10-26, 09:30 am

Influence business through Brussels

Given the current geopolitical instability, and the economic consequences generated by Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, it's increasingly vital that business understands the interface with Brussels, the way that the EU's institutions work – and how that affects the business environment across Europe. Brussels is all too often seen as a remote body that creates regulations over which business has little say. And yet the people that govern the EU – MEPs, commissioners, administrators, regulators – are open, willing to listen and take on board the concerns of business. But to whom should business be talking? How does the legislative process look – and when is the right time for business to get involved? What arguments are most persuasive?

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2022-10-24, 09:30 am

Tydzień Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu 2022

Brytyjsko-Polska Izba Handlowa została Partnerem Tygodnia Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu 2022 (#TOB2022), który oferuje wszystkim członkom bezpłatny udział w 5 dniach prelekcji, wywiadów i paneli. TOB2022 odbywa się w dniach 24-28.10.2022 w formie serii spotkań oraz warsztatów mająca pomóc każdemu lepiej zrozumieć czym jest ESG, CSR oraz jaką rolę odgrywa koncepcja zrównoważonego rozwoju w biznesie.

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2022-10-13, 06:30 pm

BPCC 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Join us for a memorable celebration!

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2022-10-08, 08:00 am

KIG Open 2022 - 8th edition

We kindly inform you that the Polish Chamber of Commerce is organizing another edition of the golf tournament for the Cup of the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.  

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2022-10-06, 10:00 am

Time to (Re)think! 12. PLGBC Green Building Summit

PLGBC Green Building Summit to najbardziej rozpoznawalna i opiniotwórcza konferencja w polskiej branży nieruchomości, budownictwa i architektury, symbol zielonego postępu. 12. edycja wydarzenia, w tym roku pod hasłem Time to (Re)think, odbędzie się 6-7.10.2022 r. w zrównoważonej przestrzeni Sound Garden Hotel w kompleksie Business Garden w Warszawie. Organizatorem jest Polskie Stowarzyszenie Budownictwa Ekologicznego PLGBC.

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2022-10-05, 10:00 am

A Revolution in Employment Law in Poland 2022

We are delighted to invite you to attend our webinar where we will discuss the upcoming numerous changes to employment law. With Parliament now sitting in September, the new law could be passed any day.

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2022-10-04, 11:10 am

Import duty and competitive advantage - how customs law allows you to reduce costs

We would like to invite you for the next edition of our webinar, in which we will present you how in practice one could utilize the plausibilities given to us by the customs law to increase the efficiency of the supply chain and gain the advantage in form of lowering or eliminating customs duties by the importers, as well as increase competitiveness by the entities exporting their goods outside the EU.

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2022-10-04, 10:00 am

Elastyczność planowania czasu pracy jako odpowiedź na trudną sytuację gospodarczą

Zapraszamy na warsztaty Klastra Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing.

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2022-09-30, 12:00 pm

HR Law Poland - Executive Summary

During “What’s new in HR law in Poland”, a pilot event for our new online webinar series, English-only format “HR Law Poland: Executive Summary”, Sławek Paruch and Marcin Sanetra will discuss the key legal and market factors impacting international employers in Poland in 2022 and 2023.

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2022-09-28, 12:00 am

News from Poland – Business & Law, Episode 23: Challenges to food supply chains due to the war in Ukraine – how to avoid regulatory traps

Joanna Krakowiak, attorney-at-law, member of the Council of the European Food Law Association, of counsel at Wardyński & Partners coordinating the work of the Life Sciences & Healthcare practice, explains how the war in Ukraine is forcing regulators to make changes to food law.

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