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2021-07-09, 12:00 am

Poland the tenth country in the world and the second in Europe where it is most difficult to do business

Poland has been ranked 10th globally and second in Europe among countries with the most complex regulations governing business, according to the latest report compiled by TMF Group, a global professional services firm for companies operating locally and internationally. This is our country's worst result since the report was first prepared in 2013. The world's hardest place to do business is Brazil, while in Europe it is France.

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2021-06-29, 03:00 pm

Mental Well-Being and Burnout prevention for Entrepreneurs event

Mental Well-Being and Burnout prevention for Entrepreneurs How to maintain balance and strengthen vitality in challenging times. 29th June 2021, 2pm – 4.30 (BST) 3pm – 5.30 (CEST)

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2021-06-17, 10:30 am

KPMG Online Conference Invitation | 6 Months into Applying New Income Tax Regulations

Thee fourth edition of the annual KPMG conference, entitled “6 Months into Applying New Income Tax Regulations” will be held online. All the lectures will be given in Polish, with simultaneous interpretation into the English provided. The Conference’s media partner is Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

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2021-06-16, 12:00 am

Upcoming Act on remote work

A draft bill amending the Polish Labour Code, which replaces telework with remote work, is currently being discussed by the Government (the “Draft”). The changes are intended to make home-office conditions more flexible, loosen obligations, and popularise hybrid working models.

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2021-06-15, 12:00 am

So good to meet up in person once again! Nice to Meet You Again kicks off in Wrocław

It’s been over nine months since the BPCC last held a live event in Wrocław. Since last September, Poland has experienced two waves of Covid-19. Now, as the pandemic subsides and the numbers of fully-vaccinated people continue to rise, it’s time to meet face to face at last.

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2021-06-11, 12:00 am

Polish business service sector on the rise again as the industry looks for opportunities closer to home

The uncertainty caused by the pandemic has directed investors' attention to strategies based on nearshoring. The beneficiary of this trend, just as a decade ago, may be Poland.

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2021-05-26, 12:00 am

The New Polish Order - changes in taxation

According to the assumptions of the New Polish Order presented by the Government, in the nearest future there are planned the changes in tax acts aiming, among others, at decreasing the taxes for the lowest earners and pensioners, increasing the tax threshold, increasing the health contribution amount. How will these proposals affect companies and employees?

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2021-05-25, 11:00 am

The premiere of the BEAS2021 series of reports on the investment potential of Polish cities

On behalf of Antal, Cushman & Wakefield and Vastint, we would like to inform you that on May 25 at 11:00 am there will be the premiere of the series of investment potential reports of Polish cities - BEAS 2021. The series is sponsored by PAIH and the ProProgressio Foundation. The Business Environment Assessment Study is a broad research project aimed at describing the business reality in which companies operate.

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2021-05-25, 10:00 am

Webinar: Withholding Tax (WHT) – the calm before the storm?

Withholding Tax on foreign payments (WHT) has been a persistent challenge for at least 3 years. First the legislator introduced restrictive regulations, then the application of the most controversial ones was suspended several times, and, recently, the Ministry of Finance has declared their relaxation. This situation does not make it easier for taxpayers to apply the complicated tax regulations correctly.

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2021-05-19, 12:00 am

Mental Well-Being of Entrepreneurs

Projects Beyond Borders is currently co-ordinating a European Erasmus Plus Funded project 'EntreMWB' which aims to develop practical and reflective learning materials that support and promote Mental Well-Being (MWB) amongst European entrepreneurs.

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