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2022-06-30, 09:00 am

4-dniowy tydzień pracy. Eksperyment czy realny kierunek zmian w strategiach środowiska pracy?

Strategie środowiska pracy nadal kalibrują się po wyzwaniach związanych z pandemią, które zwiększyły naszą uważność na równowagę życia prywatnego i zawodowego, wellbeing oraz metody osiągania efektywności. Pojawiły się też nowe wyzwania dla organizacji, dotyczące chociażby pozyskiwania talentów czy budowania środowiska pracy, w oparciu o nowe kryteria atrakcyjności.

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2022-07-28, 12:00 am

Investment in commercial real estate in Poland grows by nearly 50%. Spendings in the first half (H1) of 2022 amounted to €2.88bn

€2.88bn were invested in commercial real estate in Poland in H12022, 44% more than in the previous year – as CBRE’s report shows. The largest transaction involved the sale of the Warsaw Hub to Google for almost €586mn. It is the largest single building purchase transaction in Poland’s history. Europe-wide, €152bn were invested in H1 2022, which is up 10% from the previous year. This exceeded the previous record in 2018 when investments amounted to €151bn.

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2014-07-24, 12:00 am

Workplace of the Future revealed to BPCC members

At a joint meeting of the Real Estate & Construction, HR and CSR policy groups on 22 July, a conference room-full of BPCC members heard about the demographic and technological factors that will affect the way the workplace looks and functions. The event was held at the Dago Conference Centre at the Rondo ONZ One building in the heart of Warsaw.

Category: Event coverage
2015-09-30, 08:30 am

CBRE Academy Conference MOVING FUTURE

The main goal of CBRE Academy Conference MOVING FUTURE is looking into the future - what will happen within the next 15 years in Warsaw real estate.

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2015-11-18, 09:00 am

Wrocław Agglomeration Real Estate Forum

Analysis of business development directions of Wrocław.  

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2016-04-19, 09:00 am

Wroclaw Agglomeration Real Estate Forum 2016

Analysis of business development directions of Wroclaw.

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2016-10-18, 09:00 am


Do you plan to invest in Poland? Do you want to build a new factory, lease a warehouse, purchase a site? Do you need to select the best location?

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2016-11-02, 03:00 pm

Current Issues on valuation methodology in Poland

RICS and TeGoVa invites you to the  Valuation Conference.

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2017-05-10, 09:00 am

Real Estate Forum Wrocław 2017

British Polish Chamber of Commerce has a pleasure of inviting you to a Real Estate Forum: ,,Wrocław - First or Top League in the Real Estate Sector in Poland?”.

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2017-06-22, 03:30 pm

RICS Annual General Meeting

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is pleased to invite you to RICS Annual General Meeting & Real Estate Agency and Brokerage Standards (REAB) Conference.

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