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2017-12-06, 09:30 am

From royalties to diamonds - the wide business applications of blockchain technology

Most of us associate blockchain - or distributed ledger - technology with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Yet its potential is far greater than just stealthy money transfer.

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How to attract employees to robotisation?

SummaryHaving simple office work done by robots becomes a growing trend in companies. However, the implementation of RPA technology often raises staff objections. How then shall we prepare the team for the implementation of robotisation?

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2021-05-20, 12:00 am

Not bad at all – but not as good as it was

Foreign investors in Poland are generally happy with Poland’s economic situation, and expect an improvement this year, for their companies, their sectors and for the economy as a whole. At the same time, satisfaction with the factors determining the business climate has increased. These are the findings of this year’s business climate survey conducted among companies affiliated with the International Group of Chambers of Commerce network (including the BPCC) by the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Poland)

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2021-05-19, 12:00 am

Mental Well-Being of Entrepreneurs

Projects Beyond Borders is currently co-ordinating a European Erasmus Plus Funded project 'EntreMWB' which aims to develop practical and reflective learning materials that support and promote Mental Well-Being (MWB) amongst European entrepreneurs.

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2021-12-22, 12:00 am

Connecting tomorrow’s power-generators and power-users

Bartłomiej Zgryzek, vice-chairman and member of the board of directors at TELE-FONIKA Kable S.A., talks to the BPCC’s Michael Dembinski about the plans of Poland’s national champion in the power-cable sector and the firm’s strategic importance in energy transformation

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2022-02-10, 11:00 am

"Nearshoring to Poland" for UK market

A webinar organised by the British Polish Chamber of Commerce and Sii, specifically for British companies who wish to streamline the implementation and enhancement of their IT systems. During the event, we will answer the question of how to utilize Poland’s potential in the ever-growing demand for superior IT services. This is an opportunity to learn more about the advantages and challenges of the nearshoring model through real-life examples of well-known companies.

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2022-06-23, 12:00 am

Tremco CPG Poland joins Polish Green Building Council PLGBC

Tremco CPG Poland, CPG Europe’s office in Poland, became a member of the Polish Green Building Council PLGBC. Participation in the works of this organization is part of the company's commitment to protection of health and natural environment by promoting sustainable development in construction industry.

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2014-10-25, 09:00 am

BPCC 22nd Annual Ball, 25th October, Sofitel Victoria Warsaw Hotel

Join us at this prestigious social event to celebrate 22 years of the BPCC's success, 25 years of Poland's democracy and 10 years of Poland's EU membership.

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2015-03-11, 09:30 am

World Bank’s Doing Business ranking: how is Poland doing?

Each year, the World Bank publishes its global ranking of countries showing how easy (or difficult) it is to do business. Setting up a company, employing workers, paying taxes, efficiency of the legal system and several other key factors are examined across 185 countries.

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