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2022-03-22, 12:00 am

Bilfinger Tebodin completes works on a 24 MW wind farm in Poland

The Górzyca wind farm is fully operational. As a contract engineer, Bilfinger Tebodin is proud to contribute to the overall project management, coordination and technical supervision of this new sustainable energy source.

Category: News
2022-06-21, 02:00 pm

MDDP on Polish Taxes I e-invoicing in Poland from 2023

As the derogation was granted, Poland is on its way to implement a mandatory e-invoicing model. Invoices will be issued and received in a standardized XSD format through a governmental clearing system  (the local abbreviation KSeF is often used). This is a revolution in the settlements of companies in the field of VAT, and the process of implementing the KSeF in companies requires many changes in operating, accounting and IT systems and is very time-consuming. Only proper and early planning of the process of implementing structured invoices will allow the company to be properly prepared for those changes.  

Category: Events
2022-09-08, 11:00 am

MDDP on Polish Taxes I Real estate companies – the reporting deadline is approaching

The real estate companies and their shareholders are obliged to report their shareholding structures to the tax authorities in Poland.  The provisions are new and give rise to number of doubts regarding: obliged entities, scope and form of the reporting. In our webinar, we will provide practical insights on this matter.

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2014-06-24, 09:00 am

FKA Furtek Komosa Aleksandrowicz invites you to a free workshop “Lease agreements for shopping centres – legal aspects”

A lease agreement is a very important element of conducting business activity in a shopping centre.

Category: Events
2014-07-29, 10:00 am

E-mail marketing: Future directions of the development, regulation and protection of personal data

What are the prospects facing e-mail marketing? How can you create an attractive, effective message that reaches recipient? What are the legal aspects associated with e-mail marketing? When planning and executing an e-mail campaign, what should you do ensure adequate protection of personal data?

Category: Events
2014-09-16, 10:00 am


BPCC invites to a joint Tax&Finance Reform Policy Group and TMT Policy Group meeting during which the experts will answer key questions regarding Crownfunding

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2014-09-25, 09:00 am

Opening market for non-public Welfare-to-Work providers in Poland

UKTI Warsaw and KPMG are inviting you to attend a webinar on Opening market for non-public Welfare-to-Work providers in Poland.

Category: Events
2015-01-15, 09:00 am

Tax Optimization in the upcoming CFC Environment: Portugal-Madeira Tax Seminar

GESSEL Attorneys at Law has the pleasure to invite you to the:Tax Optimization in the upcoming CFC Environment:Portugal-Madeira Tax Seminar

Category: Events
2015-03-24, 09:00 am

City Week 2015

BPCC is supporting City Week 2015 which will take place on 24th - 26th March 2015, at the Mermaid Conference & Events Centre, London.

Category: Events
2016-04-21, 05:45 pm

Polish-Scottish Business Mixer

This year’s first Scottish PBlink Networking Mixer will take place in April in Edinburgh and will be aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners who are keen to grow their network of business contacts. Our event will focus on building strong online presence for any business through content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

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