COVID-19 campaign to help participants in construction investments.

Action supported by Związek Pracodawców Polska Miedź (Polish Copper Employers Association) and the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Every business or investor with an ongoing construction project that’s been put in a difficult position by the COVID-19 pandemic has the opportunity to obtain help and support in engineering and legal matters.

In critical situations, such as having to pause construction work, or the presentation of claims, we will jointly find optimal solutions to:

  • Analyse the documentation and identify risks

  • Develop a preventive and remedial action plan

  • Provide specimens of documents and protocols

  • Help in negotiations

  • In critical cases (such as quarantines or illness) we will:

    -  assist in the recruitment of replacement engineering staff

    - provide IT tools for remote management of construction documents and WorkFlow solutions enabling remote work, normally available only for our clients.

We make our engineering staff available: project managers, cost controllers and local inspection teams. A team of lawyers will also be available.

We appeal to all investors, contractors, suppliers and service providers, from the public and private procurement market, to act prudently and ethically. The law and engineering practice promote wise solutions.

Every participant in the construction investment process may ask us for our assistance in resolving disputable or extraordinary situations.

This is not a time to compete, this is a time to act in solidarity!

Please send your applications to our email address: - we will immediately appoint a contact person for further contact and start the procedure.

Support is offered free of charge as far as the company is concerned. Miastoprojekt invites other companies, including competitors, to join the Action.