Knowledge base on COVID-19

A knowledge base on the economic impact, available actions and possible consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic.

How will COVID-19 impact your business/general issues

Covid-19 and the UK economy and its businesses

The business impact of coronavirus

Quarterly Economic Forecast Q1 2020

What should each entrepreneur know about the COVID -19 Act? (pdf)

Understanding the implications of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for private companies (pdf)

Guidance for UK businesses trading internationally


Polish protection package

The Polish government is to launch a package of measures protecting businesses and employees against COVID-19

COVID-19 and anti-crisis shield - what do we know so far?

The components of the Polish protection package already announced

The COVID -19 business aid package ("the "Business Aid Package" or the "Package")


Insurance and contracts

Possibility to defer ZUS contributions by 3 months


Legal guides

Law on COVID-19 - handbook (pdf)

Dispute resolution during a pandemic time

COVID-19, business and the law

COVID-19 and antirust - polish perspective (pdf)

The concept of force majeure under Polish law: how it may impact performance of contracts during the Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak: force majeure and international commercial contracts

Safe shareholders’ meetings of limited-liability companies | part 1 (pdf)

Safe shareholders’ meetings of limited-liability companies | part 2 (pdf)

Registration courts in times of the state of epidemic in Poland (pdf)

How to hold a meeting of a company’s bodies during the coronavirus and quarantine times? (pdf)


Business support

COVID-19 campaign to help participants in construction investments

Employment issues

Legal alert for Poland COVID–19

Coronavirus in Poland - guidance for employers (pdf)