The pandemic in Poland is easing, restrictions are being lifted. We're bringing back live events as there's high demand from members for physical meetings. However, webinars continue to be popular as they have a broader geographic reach, requiring no travel-time for participants. As such, we'll be organising a mix of live events and webinars, with a focus on compelling content that offers valuable business insights, as well as quality business mixers bringing together the right people for effective business development.


Please take the time to take a quick look over our events calendar to see what we're organising for you, online and live. Wherever relevant, we'd encourage you to take part. Please bookmark this page, review it regularly, and keep up to date with the latest developments at the BPCC!



2022-10-06, 10:00 am

PLGBC Green Building Summit to najbardziej rozpoznawalna i opiniotwórcza konferencja w polskiej branży nieruchomości, budownictwa i architektury, symbol zielonego postępu. 12. edycja wydarzenia, w tym roku pod hasłem Time to (Re)think, odbędzie się 6-7.10.2022 r. w zrównoważonej przestrzeni Sound Garden Hotel w kompleksie Business Garden w Warszawie. Organizatorem jest Polskie Stowarzyszenie Budownictwa Ekologicznego PLGBC.

Venue: Hotel Sound Garden w kompleksie Business Garden ul. Żwirki i Wigury 18 02-092 Warszawa / Online
Organiser: PLGBC

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2022-10-08, 08:00 am

We kindly inform you that the Polish Chamber of Commerce is organizing another edition of the golf tournament for the Cup of the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Venue: First Warsaw Golf in Rajszew k/Warszawy
Organiser: KIG

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2022-10-13, 06:30 pm

Join us for a memorable celebration!

Venue: InterContinental Hotel Warsaw ul.Emilii Plater 49, 00-125 Warszawa
Organiser: British Polish Chamber of Commerce

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2022-10-24, 09:30 am

Brytyjsko-Polska Izba Handlowa została Partnerem Tygodnia Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu 2022 (#TOB2022), który oferuje wszystkim członkom bezpłatny udział w 5 dniach prelekcji, wywiadów i paneli. TOB2022 odbywa się w dniach 24-28.10.2022 w formie serii spotkań oraz warsztatów mająca pomóc każdemu lepiej zrozumieć czym jest ESG, CSR oraz jaką rolę odgrywa koncepcja zrównoważonego rozwoju w biznesie.

Venue: online
Organiser: CSRinfo

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2022-10-26, 09:30 am

Given the current geopolitical instability, and the economic consequences generated by Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, it's increasingly vital that business understands the interface with Brussels, the way that the EU's institutions work – and how that affects the business environment across Europe. Brussels is all too often seen as a remote body that creates regulations over which business has little say. And yet the people that govern the EU – MEPs, commissioners, administrators, regulators – are open, willing to listen and take on board the concerns of business. But to whom should business be talking? How does the legislative process look – and when is the right time for business to get involved? What arguments are most persuasive?

Venue: Brussels
Organiser: BPCC

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2022-11-18, 01:30 pm

ForSec, British Polish Chamber of Commerce oraz DL Tower ForSec, British Polish Chamber of Commerce oraz DL Tower zapraszają na warsztaty z cyklu ForSec Talks.

Venue: DL Tower ul. Korfantego 138A Katowice
Organiser: ForSec, British Polish Chamber of Commerce, DL Tower

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