2017-10-19, 07:00 pm

BPCC's 25 years celebrated in style

Silver jubilees are rare occasions to be savoured in the knowledge that the golden jubilee is still 25 years away. And so it was with the BPCC's Silver Jubilee Gala Dinner, a glorious sell-out affair! 

2017-09-20, 09:30 am

Supporting manufacturers in an employees' market

Over the past three years, the BPCC has been organising more and more meetings in factories, where representatives of manufacturing industry get together to discuss issues of common concern. This year, the BPCC's Manufacturing Industries group has met at CeDo (Kąty Wrocławskie), Twinings (Swarzędz), Polaris (Opole) and most recently McBraida (Rzeszów).

2017-10-02, 09:00 am

Unleashing your employees' potential boosts productivity

A BPCC workshop focusing on encouraging employee involvement based on their personal strengths took place at the headquarters of Credit Suisse in Wrocław on 2 October 2017. 

2017-09-13, 10:15 am

Industry 4.0 - digital transformation in Silesian industry

The BPCC organised a conference at the Silesian Marshal's Office on 13 September to look at the implications of the coming fourth industrial revolution for businesses across the province.

2017-09-15, 06:00 pm

International Oktoberfest 2017

13th edition of Wroclaw’s International Oktoberfest sustained its famed grandeur and attrac-tiveness as undoubtedly one of the biggest and most prestigious business events in Lower Silesia.

2017-09-05, 06:00 pm

After summer networking cocktail for BPCC Kraków members

On the 5th of September the BPCC Kraków members met at the first after summer event organised in the region. It gathered senior managers from companies located in Małopolska and Silesia. It was a superb opportunity to refresh contacts and discuss business needs for the upcoming year.

2017-08-23, 09:30 am

Learning foreign languages in a company - bonus or trouble?

On 23rd August a meeting "Learning foreign languages in a company - bonus or trouble?" took place in famed SkyTower, the highest building in the city of Wrocław.

2017-06-08, 09:30 am

2017 Polish British Economic Forum in Kraków

This year's Polish British Economic Forum focused not so much on export to the UK, as it did in past years, but more on investing in Britain.

2017-06-13, 07:00 pm

Business Ferryboat Cruise & Party

The 17th cruise during the annual BPCC & EY mixer on a ship bound on the Oder was lively and entertaining.

2017-06-06, 06:00 pm

Poland as a hub for innovation

The Polish government has set out explicitly its desire to attract foreign investors in the services sector who add more value through innovation.