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Teambuilding through rowing on the Vistula river

One of the most innovative and useful event the BPCC has organised in a long while - and a lot of fun!

Last Friday members of the BPCC took to the Vistula on 12 July 2019 to see just how well suited the sport of rowing is to creating strong business team-work. When Linklaters' partner, Dan Cousens, approached the BPCC about possibility of promoting his rowing club to the membership, the chamber's chief advisor Michael Dembinski could see a perfect fit. Right now, most if not all BPCC members are facing a difficult time in recruiting and retaining staff - so why not promote rowing as a form of corporate team-building? Building strong, sustainable teams requires more than flip-charts and pizza. Rowing requires focus, coordination, harmony and equilibrium. It is an inclusive sport, suitable for men and women of all ages and physical strength; finding the balance between team members of different aptitudes is the secret of success – and that translates readily into business excellence and reduced attrition rates.

Hardly any of the participants in the resulting BPCC HR policy group event have had any previous experience of rowing as a team sport, but thanks to the excellent tuition from experienced members of the Towarzystwo Wisła dla Wioślarzy (TWDW) rowing club, everyone was ready to try out on the Vistula. After a presentation entitled Building determination, focus and competitiveness into teams from Adam Piekarski, of P3 Recruitment, and stories of corporate rowing teams set up by our member companies, Linklaters and KR Group, the theory of pulling together with a purpose was put into practice. But first - a quick try-out on the club's rowing machines, during which participants learned how to coordinate arms, bodies and legs to power the oars. The the hard part - lifting the boats, carrying them down to the water's edge, and setting them gently onto the river.

The process is complicated and requires balance to get into the sliding seats of the boat's narrow hull; stability is maintained while the boat is still by placing all oars blade-down on the surface of the water. Once safely in, the crews were instructed and monitored under the watchful gaze of Tomek Wiśniewski, Jacek Ojrzyński and Michał Zawadzki from TWDW staff, who ensured everyone's safety on the water. Everyone who wanted to take to the river had the chance to see for themselves just how enjoyable working together as a team and rowing a boat up the stream on a summer's day can be. The BPCC hopes to repeat this event again before autumn days start drawing in!

Towarzystwo Wisła dla Wioślarzy offers long-term corporate rowing trainings as well as one-day events for corporate teams. Please, get in touch with the staff  of the chamber for more information.

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2019-07-12, 01:30 pm

Venue: TWDW, Wał Miedzeszyński 399
Organiser: British Polish Chamber of Commerce