Past event

Spring Business Mixer in Kraków hosted by Sticky Fingers @ Stalowe Magnolie

On the 21st of May Spring Business Mixer was held in Kraków to provide opportunity to mix together for the members of the two strong chambers having activities in the south of Poland. It is already a tradition that British-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce meet at least once a year in Kraków.

This year a special event was organised in Sticky Fingers @ Stalowe Magnolie by its owner, Mr. Max Dudhia.

Stalowe Magnolie is a legend. Some people say „If you've not been to Stalowe Magnolie, you've not been to Krakow!” This famous Krakow institution, cradle of many musicians' international careers, has relocated to a new address, creating a semi-casual food concept called Sticky Fingers. It embodies the harmony of good food, great music, a unique ambience, friendly service and authentic cocktails. It's a place to relax and to enjoy at any time from lunch to dinner or drinks with friends, colleagues, team-building, get-togethers, business entertainment or just for fun.

The evening gathered a good number of business representatives from both chambers as well as many public institutions and consulates. BPCC was represented by its Regional Director, Urszula Kwaśniewska and SPCC by Sandra Tetzlaff, Marketing & Sales Director. During the evening we enjoyed a life music and a superb buffet provided by Sticky Fingers master chefs. A nice surprise of the evening were a meter long pizzas served by the waiters, specialty of the place. Some of the guests were lucky to win prices funded by the host.

Urszula Kwaśniewska has announced the new location of the BPCC Kraków office that has moved its operations to High5ive at Pawia 9. All guests agreed that it would be lovely to hold next networking event in the new location. The date for the house warming event will be given shortly.

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2019-05-21, 06:00 pm

Venue: Sticky Fingers@Stalowe Magnolie, ul. Szpitalna 6, Kraków
Organiser: British Polish Chamber of Commerce