Past event

Multicultural awareness and businesscommunication in Poland

The BPCC Human Resources Policy Group meeting held on 17 April 2015 in Warsaw in co-operation with SZKOLENIA ŁÓDŹ and MKM Support focused on the issue of intercultural business skills.

The meeting's aim was to raise awareness of the need to improve the intercultural business skills of both those entering into the labour market and those working at higher levels within business exerting influence on corporate culture. A key issue addressed at the meeting was the discrepancy between the present public education system in Poland and the requirements of those entering into international business careers.

The meeting began with a presentation from Timothy J. Bridgman, intercultural training programme manager at SZKOLENIA ŁÓDŹ. In this compact presentation delegates were provided with an introductory culture shock activity, a concise introduction to cultural awareness and cultural dimensions, then finally a critical account of intercultural skills training in the Polish state higher education system and the recommendation that companies must take action themselves.

This was followed by a presentation from Maria Odorowicz, partner at MKM Support, a recruitment company confirming that most candidates available for recruitment do not possess the language and intercultural skills required to successfully fill international positions. She then further explained how their company provides support to candidates to correct this, offering additional training, which the company believes is crucial.

The two presentations were then followed by an open discussion on intercultural skills and intercultural training. Delegates from companies including Savills, Prudential, Antal International and AstraZeneca openly exchanged personal stories related to their own intercultural experiences conducting business across cultures.

Interesting issues such as problems with convincing foreign partners to increase their cultural awareness training and difficulties for women conducting business in the Middle-East were discussed. It became increasingly visible that almost all the delegates had brought with them their own cultural issues from work needing solutions.

The conclusion of the meeting was that intercultural skills effects businesses on many levels and even those regarded as experts still struggle with cultural issues on a regular basis. The meeting was wrapped up with a reminder that intercultural skills is a life-long learning challenge and an essential part of the modern business world.

The morning also marked the releases of the print copy of Positively Disappointed – Business Across Cultures in Poland (SZKOLENIA ŁÓDŹ 2015) by Timothy J. Bridgman and all delegates received a complementary copy to take home.

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