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Export to Great Britain in the context of upcoming Brexit: Exchange rate, logistics, opportunities and threats

According to the current arrangements on March 29, 2019 UK will leave the European Union.

Despite the ongoing attempts to regulate the exit process, the final shape of Brexit is still uncertain: deal, no deal, second referendum, change of date?

On February 19th, an advisory meeting was held in Krakow to explain the Brexit process and its consequences for Polish entrepreneurs exporting to United Kingdom. During the meeting, market experts from three key areas affecting export presented their opinions and advised on how to prepare for Brexit:

  • - exchange rate and its forecast - presentation by Jakub Łańcucki from Ebury Polska

  • l- ogistics and continuity of supply - presentation of Krzysztof Łukoszyk from the Raben Logistics Polska

  • - analysis of the situation vs. running a business, as well as legal and tax issues - presentation of Sebastian Swałdek from Capital Business Links

All three presentations can be viewed in the attachments,

We thank Mr. Sebastian Swałdek from Capital Business Links for moderating the meeting and Ebury Polska for providing sponsorship of the event.


Keywords BPCC, Ebury
2019-02-19, 09:30 am

Organiser: BPCC, Capital Business Links, Ebury, Raben Logistics Polska