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Effective entry on the UK market – conference for entrepreneurs in the City Council of Rzeszów

On 5 December 2017 in the Session Hall of the City Council of Rzeszów took place a conference for entrepreneurs operating within the territory of the municipality of Rzeszów and in the Podkarpacie Region interested in  trade exchange between Poland and the UK.

The conference aimed to provide the entrepreneurs with information on the current economic climate, trends in trade and cultural factors that determine the success on the foreign market. The organiser of the conference was the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) and the City Council of Rzeszów (Investor and Exporter Assistance Center) in partnership with PwC, a consulting firm with its office in Rzeszów.

Urszula Kwaśniewska, BPCC Branch Director Kraków and Katowice welcomed the invited guests and presented the programme of the conference. Next, she gave the floor to Andrzej Gutkowski, Vice-President of the City of Rzeszów. Welcoming the guests he pointed out the increasingly important role of entrepreneurship in the city development and openness of city authorities towards business support institutions. The next speaker was a BPCC member, Adam Piekarski who presented his British origin and started to moderate the meeting. He outlined the current economic situation in the UK that on the one hand it is uncertain in terms of the Brexit negotiations, while on the other hand there is the increasing demand on Polish reginal products and brands. The UK market is for Poland the third most important export market that value exceeded 40 mln PLN during the period from January, 2017 to September, 2017, and it continues to make headway.

Another presentation was done by Maciej Kraus, PwC Director together with Łukasz Wąsikiewicz, PwC Rzeszów Director and Marta Larwa, PwC legal & tax department. Maciej Kraus talked about a good adjustment of sales and marketing promotion strategy to the needs of the local market, hence maintaining the balance between price and quality as in the UK the cheapest products are not always readily purchased by consumers. He encouraged to build a sales strategy based on values and cautioned against excessive diversification of distribution channels. Accordingly, the most relevant parameters of the strategy are quality - price – ecology – safety – and design. Marta Larwa completed the presentation by presenting the offer on the subsides for export development for SME sector.

Bartosz Koziński, British Embassy Warsaw FDI Director presented the UK Government’s offer concerning the support for the investment processes. He stressed that the UK ranks third in Europe in terms of the ease of setting up a business and it might be the gateway to entering new foreign markets. Koziński provided the participants the opportunity to research the UK market and identify the competition in terms of the selected sector.

The next speaker was Jerzy Bieniek, Director, Investor and Exporter Assistance Center of the City Council of Rzeszów. He started with presenting different methods of business support by the municipality of Rzeszów. Then, Bieniek outlined the region’s demographic data (220. 000 people live in the region) indicating the low unemployment rate (5%) and the Schuman Foundation data, by which in 2020 in Rzeszów region may work about 300.000 people. He also pointed out a good financial condition of the city, its developing communication infrastructure (the A4 motorway, Rzeszów International Airport), close cooperation between the city and business support institutions, operation of a special subzone “Rzeszów-Dworzysko”, visibility of the Rzeszów brand abroad and well educated workforce. Next, he mentioned about new specialisations introduced at the Rzeszów higher education institutions, technical secondary schools and vocational schools. The new specialisations resulted from foreign investor’s demand on high skilled employees. Finally, Bieniek talked about support for innovation and start- ups located in the region.

The conference ended with a panel discussion, including: Maciej Kraus (PwC), Urszula Kwaśniewska (BPCC), Łukasz Wąsikiewicz (PwC), Bartosz Koziński (British Embassy) and Jerzy Bieniek (Rzeszów City Hall). The discussion was moderated by Adam Piekarski. Questions from the participants concerned, among other things,  the customs regulations in the UK leaving the EU. In case of a “hard Brexit”, the UK will leave the single market and customs union, and the World Trade Organisation rules will apply. In case of a “soft Brexit”, by 29 March 2019 the agreement will be reached between the parties, they will indicate clearly their own requirements. The panelists encouraged Polish exporters to sell their goods abroad now, as the current demand for Polish products is very high.

The conference concluded with lunch funded by the City Council of Rzeszów. At this time, the guests had a great chance to exchange its knowledge, experience and views with each other. The coverage is also available on  //,konferencja-efektywna-wspolpraca-gospodarcza-z-wielka-brytania.html

2017-12-05, 09:30 am

Organiser: BPCC, Urząd Miasta Rzeszowa