Past event

BPCC Real Estate Forum in Krakow: Workspace of the Future

On 6th November 2014, British Polish Chamber of Commerce hosted Real Estate Forum: Workspace of the Future at Krakow’s Novotel Centre hotel. The event was organised in partnership with CBRE and Regus and Nowy Styl Group.

The event which attracted more than 50 representatives of Malopolska companies was opened by an introductory statement of Urszula Kwasniewska, director of BPCC Krakow. She highlighted the rising awareness of advantages of having a well-arranged workspace.

Karina Kreja, Associate Director at CBRE, an international real estate consulting company, was next to take the floor. In her presentation, she discussed differences between a traditional office and a flexible one. As Karina Kreja said, a flexible office supports the idea of cooperation and smooth information flow among employees. According to this concept, there are no fixed workplaces and every employee may feel free to work from any desk. The idea of a flexible office corresponds with latest trends set by a new generation of employees, says Karina Kreja. In her view, these employees attach more importance to less formal working conditions and modern design.

Subsequently, Dominika Karasinska, General Manager at Regus, a company offering complex office solutions, shed more light on constant developments in working conditions. She stated that nowadays employees travel more and faster and become more mobile given the accelerating digitalisation of communication tools. According to Regus, the ever changing working environment requires short-term lease of workspace located at petrol stations, airports and main roads. Dominika Karasinska stressed the fact that now companies more often decide to move their headquarters out of city centres to remote outskirts. In her view, a city centre is no longer believed to be the only prestigiou location for a company.

Leszek Romanowski, Workplace Strategy Leader EMEA at Nowy Styl Group, one of the largest furniture manufacturer in Europe, briefly commented on the issues discussed throughout the BPCC Real Estate Forum. He believes there is a possibility for a compromise between employer’s interests and employees’ needs when arranging an office interior. In his comment, he reffered to so-called chill-out rooms where employees may rest and get new inspirations. A large number of issues evoked throughout the event gave rise to a lively debate between speakers and participants of the event.