Osiedle Bokserska, located in a quiet, residential part of Warsaw’s Służewiec district, was created for people who are looking for modern solutions and want to enjoy both the urban lifestyle and the possibility of rest after work. An example of the high-quality materials and technologies used in this investment is the Deckshield resin floor by Flowcrete, a leading expert in this field, applied in the parking lot.

 Osiedle Bokserska, situated at ul. Bokserska 73 in Warsaw, is located outside the very centre, in a quiet part of the Służewiec district, where residential buildings predominate. In the vicinity, there are necessary services, numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes, and at a short distance there is also Galeria Mokotów with a rich commercial, gastronomic, and entertainment offer. Residents can, depending on their needs, enjoy the charms of the urban lifestyle or slow down and use the gardens, terraces, green courtyards, and the possibility of walking and cycling around the area.

The developer of this investment, in which all apartments have already been sold, is Spravia. The company, previously operating under the name Budimex Nieruchomości, develops housing projects in the largest cities in Poland and is known for the quality of its estates. The building at ul. Bokserska 73 in Warsaw uses many modern solutions, e.g. in a one-level underground car park, on an area of 5,400 sq m, waterproof and flexible Deckshield floors based on polyurethane resin and quartz sand were installed.

In the whole car park, including the driveways and parking spaces, the resin floors are in Mid Grey colour with yellow horizontal markings painted on them. Such colours ensure good visibility from the driver’s point of view, which has a positive effect on the safety of all car park users.

The Deckshield flooring system by Flowcrete, i.e. polyurethane-quartz resin floors intended for use in parking lots and garages, is our flagship product, manufactured for over 20 years around the world. The total floor area of this type of flooring is over 27 million square meters. In Europe alone, they have been laid in over 600 facilities on an area of ​​over 4 million square meters. It is worth emphasizing that Deckshield floors are verified in demanding conditions of use, both in multi-family residential buildings and in office buildings or shopping centres, where the traffic load of vehicles is very intense,” – said Piotr Jakóbczak, Sales Director Flowcrete & Vandex at Tremco CPG Poland.

Deckshield is a seamless car park floor made of solvent-free polyurethane resins and quartz sand. They have a non-slip surface adapted to the conditions of use, thanks to which they prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces. They are durable and resistant to mechanical loads as well as chemically resistant to typical substances found in garages and car parks, e.g. contained in fuels, car operating fluids, de-icing salts, as well as e.g. battery acid. Thanks to these properties, the flooring systems from the Deckshield group effectively protect the concrete substrate against external factors.

Deckshield resin floors in the car park in the Osiedle Bokserska investment were made by Dal-Lickiewicz sj Posadzki Przemysłowe from Warsaw, Flowcrete Authorized Contractor.



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