One of the largest Polish generic companies and one of the oldest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world Tarchomin Pharmaceutical Works “Polfa” S.A. (TZF S.A.), and an international consulting, engineering, and project management company Bilfinger Tebodin signed a contract in December 2021.

Based on the agreement, Bilfinger Tebodin will manage the construction of Polfa’s plant for the production of highly potent sterile drugs and an R&D laboratory in Warsaw, Poland.

Tarchomin Pharmaceutical Works „Polfa” S.A. with the company history dating back to 1823, is a manufacturer of more than 140 different medicines distributed in Poland and dozens of countries around the world. It has been providing the highest quality products for nearly 200 years.
TZF “Polfa” S.A. is planning to construct a greenfield modern production plant for manufacturing of oncological and immunosuppressive pharmaceutical drug products in Warsaw. The building will include a complete laboratory facility with dedicated quality control and R&D areas.

Apart from the production and laboratories, the building will house sanitary and social facilities, office and technical rooms. This will be the first such an extraordinary project in Poland, and one of the very few in this part of Europe. Bilfinger Tebodin will act as the owner`s engineer of the whole project and support Polfa throughout the entire process in terms of technical, organizational, and management services.

Bilfinger Tebodin is a professional EPCM partner, sustaining and improving existing plants, as well as providing capabilities and expertise to design new pharmaceutical and biopharma plants, apart from other markets. With over 150 people involved in pharmaceutical projects, the company is considered a key player on the European market, backed up by a sound international network.

Kamil Garbera, Acting Operational Director at TZF S.A., comments: ‘We are glad to have such an experienced business partner in construction industry as Bilfinger Tebodin, this cooperation will definitely help us effectively manage any possible challenges we can confront during this outstanding investment.’

Robert Chabros, Project Manager at TZF S.A., responsible for the new project: ‘We believe, that together with Bilfinger Tebodin team we will deliver this demanding project within the budget, time, and with the highest possible quality, which are needed in such a high-tech projects.’

Przemysław Dąbrowski, PMC Commercial Director at Bilfinger Tebodin: ‘As a project manager / owner’s engineer, we will be responsible for precise scheduling, budget control, and following quality requirements to meet the owner’s business needs. We are grateful for the trust, and are looking forward to cooperating successfully on this challenging and complex project with such a well-known and experienced business partner as TZF S.A.’