The international company, a part of the RWE Group, is a specialist in the field of renewable energy in Europe. It is involved in the expansion and construction of onshore wind turbines, solar plants as well as battery storage systems.

RWE Renewables is building an operational base for the offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, Poland. Located in the town of Ustka, it will serve as an administration and operations management facility for operating, controlling, maintaining offshore wind farms as well as planned and unplanned repair works via the quay edge and the port facilities.

Bilfinger Tebodin is in the engineering stage for this operations center. We will manage the project with using an EPCM approach, providing RWE with a full range of services. This project started in November 2021 and the beginning of construction is planned on the third quarter of 2024. Completion is scheduled for 2025. The new wind farm operating base will consist of administration building, warehouse, utilities, roads and parking spaces. The current works are at the finalization
stage for detailed design and building design.

Offshore Wind Farm Operating Base

At this project stage Bilfinger Tebodin will provide services such as execution of a building design, execution of detailed design, support in obtaining the building permit, conducting a tender for the general contractor, construction management and BREEAM certification.

“We have already managed several projects that are renewable friendly. The fact that RWE Renewables trusted our team to perform the whole EPCM services in their project shows the professional attitude and high-quality services Bilfinger Tebodin delivers,” says Aleksandra Turczak, Project Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin.
“There are also a few challeges that we are facing while working on the project – Bilfinger Tebodin is implementing the investment in close proximity to the Słupia river quay, where there are very complicated ground conditions. This requires a lot of experience from our team and a very engaged and attentive approach to the everyday performance,” adds Aleksandra.

Construction of the offshore wind farm operating base is a major contribution to the expansion of the port in Ustka and the creation of many new jobs in the area. The project is also a subject to the “Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method” (BREEAM) certification at the excellent level already at the design stage. BREEAM is a sustainability certification method for various types of real estate.

Wind projects specifics

The wind farm boom began in Poland in 2007. Many projects had gotten underway by 2015 when the changes in legislation limited the construction of new wind farms. Taking into account the growing importance of the use of renewable energy sources and the advantages they bring to both the environment and local communities, green projects such as the RWE offshore wind farm operating base are significant and useful now and in future.

Photo credit: RWE Renewables