By Agnieszka Głuchowska, asset management and leasing manager, and Ewelina Opłocka, project manager, Workplaces Department, at Globalworth Poland


Commercial real estate owners are taking the decision more often to modernise and renovate their centres so as to adapt their properties to social and environmental requirements and meet the image needs of potential clients. Renovating an existing building in a well-thought through manner will often do less harm to the environment than demolishing it and building something new. Globalworth Poland, the leading investor and owner of office and mixed-use properties in Poland, has for many years been following such a strategy.

One example of such a modernisation project is the transformation of the Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT), which will be 25 years old this year. Since this building on ul. Chłodna has been a part of Globalworth’s portfolio, the owner and manager has been making continuous fundamental modernisations to this flagship building in Warsaw. As a part of the modernisations the management systems have been rebuilt as well as the elevators and common areas. The ventilation system has undergone a complete reconstruction, as well as the cooling systems, the emergency lighting and the building management system (BMS). Warsaw Trade Tower is equipped with the highest standard safety systems and BMS on the market. A BMS system helps reduce operating costs and reduces the energy used by a building

As part of the modernisation work, a zone for cyclists has been created with showers and changing rooms. The investor has also ensured charging facilities for electric vehicles. In order to make the building more attractive for its users, a green area has been set up around the building where you can relax and meet up in the fresh air. Improving the security for the building users was a priority and so was improving their working conditions.

The standard of the Warsaw Trade Tower is similar to the best buildings in the US. It was designed by the RTKL studio from Baltimore together with the Majewski Wyszyński Hermanowicz studio from Warsaw. The outside is dominated by the building’s façade, which for the first time in over 20 years has been completely cleaned as part of the work and covered with a specialist protective coating. 

Nonetheless, this is not the end of the changes. In the spring of 2023, one of the departments of Globalworth Poland, the owner and manager of the building, completed the transformation of the lobby. To highlight the uniqueness of the office building and improve how it operates, Globalworth Poland’s Workplaces department together with the MIXD studio worked on the interior design of the lobby. As a result, the formal section of WTT gained new multi-use zones. The impressive elegant area is additionally adorned by three-metre tall crystal chandeliers that light up the interior and accentuate the buildings architecture. The investor has also provided further facilities as well as outdoor furniture.

Because of such innovative solutions, Warsaw Trade Tower has once again received a BREEAM environmental certificate with a rating of Excellent. This means that the building meets over 70% of the requirements laid out by the complex multi-criteria system for assessing the environmental impact of buildings. The renewal of this certification, shows that Globalworth’s investment in this flagship building was well placed and effective and the quality of its management is of the highest standard. It also needs to be mentioned that the building stands out with its aesthetic design, its functionality and its effective ESG strategy.

One part of the changes was to install a more efficient elevator management system as well as a new car park access system. We also completed a thorough renovation of the elevator halls and the toilets and we installed LED lighting throughout the building.  The building was awarded a BREEAM-In-Use certificate with a rating of Excellent. The tenants appreciate the improvements in the standards and this means that they will take the decision to remain in Warsaw Trade Tower for longer and renew their leases for a few more years. Because of the renovations, the office building has gained a new standard of quality without losing its most attractive feature, which is its location in the centre of the city. This is yet another argument to convince our tenants to stay. In recent years, a number of companies working together with our Workplaces department, have decided on a new interior design for their offices. Globalworth’s overarching goal is to provide companies with the most user friendly and comfortable working conditions. Their continued presence and investment in their offices proves that we meet their expectations. – says Agnieszka Głuchowska, the Asset Management & Leasing Manager at Globalworth Poland.

Existing buildings seem to demand to be given a new life. Furthermore, their locations and the possibilities of modern technology can effectively change them with modern designs and new uses, making them more environmentally friendly and reducing their emissions. Such buildings attract tenants with advantages such as attractive locations, low running costs and technology that improves the work comfort and the indoor conditions regardless of the weather outside.

Reconstructing office buildings is a future trend that brings environmentally friendly solutions to crowded city centres. At the same time it is a superb way to add interesting buildings to a portfolio  that combine what is today a block from yesteryear with modern day technological solutions. The most ecologically friendly buildings are those that already exist. The best strategy to limit the harm we do to the environment including the emission of greenhouse gases is to invest in buildings that already exist. A well-modernised building has the potential to be used for decades to come. – says Ewelina Opłocka, a Project Manager, in the Workplacess department of Globalworth Poland.

Warsaw Trade Tower is one of the tallest and one of the most recognisable buildings in Warsaw. With 42 floors, a height of 208m and more than 450,000m2 of office space, it’s located on ul. Chłodna 51 in the Wola district next to the crossroads of ul. Towarowa and al. Solidarności and close to the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station. In April 2019, the building became a part of Globalworth’s portfolio – a leading office investor in the Central and Eastern European region. Companies that have their offices in Warsaw Trade Tower include insurance provider Uniqa, as well as other companies such as MSD, American Express, Avanssur, BNI Poland and Altkom. Tenants have a modern area for cyclists with changing rooms and showers as well as attractive common areas, which have mostly now been modernised, and over 400 parking spaces at their disposal. The tower building also has BREEAM green certification with a rating of Excellent and it is 100% powered by renewably-sourced energy.