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Litigation Finance for Energy Disputes in Ukraine

Foreign renewable energy investors focus on attempts to reach compromise with the Government over the FITs crisis. However, as experience from other States show, regulatory changes may have a detrimental effect on business, causing significant losses.

The Webinar explores alternative paths of securing investors’ rights within the regime of international investment law, and is co- led by Lawyers from Kochański & Partners and Delta Capital Partners.  While Kochański & Partners’ lawyers have unique dispute resolution experience in Europe, Delta offers third party funding to ease the burden on the shoulders of affected investors.


  1. Regulatory changes in renewables market in Ukraine. How to prepare yourself for the worst;

  2. International legal protection of foreign investments in energy sector;

  3. Procedural aspects of investor-to-State disputes. Arbitration and beyond;

  4. Litigation finance. TPF, collateralized loans and other financial products available for disputes;

  5. Q&A.

Our Speakers:

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2020-06-18, 11:00 (to wydarzenie już się odbyło)

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Organizator: Kochański&Partners