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Poland’s economy is expanding at a pace that puts most of the developed world to shame; productivity and output are continually growing while prices remain good value when compared to Western Europe. Delivery times and flexibility are often better when compared to the Far East.

Not surprising then, that German manufacturers have long seen Poland as an optimal place from which to source components or finished goods. In sectors such as FMCG, automotive and aerospace, food and drink, furniture and construction materials, windows and doors, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household appliances and electronics, Poland has many ‘local champions’ whose products and brands are as yet unknown in the world.


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Our members, at home on the Polish market, are familiar with the challenges of doing business here, of negotiation, of building strong long-term relationships, of cultural nuances. In every aspect of business, from the legal and financial to the logistics and marketing, the BPCC has members that can help you. JUST CHOOSE YOUR PATH!

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