COBCOE’s First Call!

Join COBCOE’s First Call! programme and tap into a new pipeline of potential business from the UK

As a BPCC member, your firm is well able to assist companies from the UK to navigate the Polish market. The COBCOE First Call! programme was created to ensure that more business from UK companies comes your way, by channelling inbound enquiries through the British chamber in the relevant market. 

This new pipeline of potential business will create extra value for your membership of the BPCC - itself a member of COBCOE.

To tap into this potential business, all you need to do is to express your willingness and ability, and sign up to the COBCOE First Call! programme. In return, you will agree to provide up to one hour of free advice to a British business based in the UK to help it assess relevant market opportunities.

There are six types of advice a British company will be looking for:

  • Legal framework for trade and investment

  • Accounting and tax

  • Location, relocation and property

  • Staff recruitment

  • Business development services

  • Localisation and translation services

Delivery of service

This is an online, web-based facility. On the COBCOE website, there is a dedicated First Call! page under the wider Make Europe Work! trade promotion programme, listing all the participating countries. The individual country page is linked directly to the First Call! facility on the BPCC website, which lists all participating chamber members, ready to offer an hour's advice to a UK company interested in entering the Polish market.

Wide social media marketing and other communications platform support via COBCOE will ensure a constant flow of interested businesses in our direction.

The scheme is only open to service providers that are BPCC members

The service provider should be willing to provide a personal contact email address and telephone number

The service provider is expected to provide advice with all reasonable care and attention in accordance with local rules and regulations

The service provider has make clear to the enquirer at the outset that the advice time is limited to one hour, to be agreed and that any follow-on advice will be chargeable at commercial rates

The service provider is expected to comply with any local legal/ regulatory requirements which would allow the individual to give advice in area of expertise (proof of such status will be provided to the chamber)

Service provision liability - COBCOE and the BPCC assume no responsibility for advice given under this programme

To view registered BPCC Members please follow this link.

For further details and to sign up to the programme, please contact