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Antal Global Snapshot 13

SummaryA survey of hiring and firing trends in key
employment markets around the world.

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2020-07-15, 12:00 am

Responsible retailing rides out the crisis

Sébastien Krysiak, Castorama Polska’s CEO, talks to the BPCC’s Michael Dembinski about the challenges that Poland’s retail sector will face in the post-Covid world.

Category: News
2021-02-05, 12:00 am

Resilience despite Covid-19: New annual barometer from Mazars shows C-suite surprisingly optimistic about future

•    58% expected higher revenue in 2020 than in 2019 and nearly three quarters (71%) expect growth in 2021 •    Economic and tech trends most likely to impact business in next 3-5 years; businesses confident in their ability to respond •    Shift towards longer-term investment suggests businesses are getting ready to reset

Category: News
2021-03-02, 12:00 am

Improving Poland’s homes builds a strong business

The IGCC Foreign Direct Investment Report published in January 2021 shows Kingfisher plc, trading in Poland under the Castorama Polska banner, being the third-largest corporate foreign investor in Poland after telecoms operator, Orange, and steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, and in 15th place among the largest foreign employers in Poland.

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The Future of Broadcasting: Leveraging Innovation for Competitive Advantage

SummaryThe past few years have been among the most turbulent in the history of the broadcasting industry. Broadcasters have been driving industry value mostly through operational improvements and structural cost reductions.

Category: Publications Type: Articles
2015-05-26, 12:00 am

Professionalising procurement with CIPS: now it's Wrocław's turn

On 14 May, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce in partnership with British Embassy, the Office of the City of Wrocław and Profitia held a conference in session hall of the City of Wroclaw entitled professionalising procurement in Poland.

Category: Event coverage
2015-04-10, 12:00 am

Professionalising procurement in Poland

The BPCC, UKTI and Profitia organised a major event as part of the BPCC’s Public Procurement policy group on 31 March at the British Embassy in Warsaw, focused on the importance of raising professional standards in procurement.

Category: Event coverage
2015-12-10, 01:43 pm

Global standards in public procurements

In 2015, the BPCC, UKTI and PROFITA (sole representative for CIPS in Poland) organised a series of meetings on public procurement as part of the BPCC’s Public Private Partnerships Policy Group that take place in different locations in Poland. The Kraków edition of the meetings was held on 19 November at the Voivodship Office of the Małopolska Region. The keynote speaker was Will Beattie, Head of International Development at the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). The main aim of the conference was to discuss the most crucial global standards and professionalisation of procurement and also to exchange experience between specialists operating in both sectors.

Category: Event coverage
2017-08-09, 12:00 am

Business researcher

The company offers BPCC is recruiting two business researchers to join it’s Trade Team to work on an exciting initiative between BPCC and UK Department of International Trade. The team promotes British business using their unique products and support. You will be responsible for helping businesses to enter the Polish market. The position will be paid.

Category: News
2018-11-16, 09:30 am

A purpose driven mindset for the new world of work

How can organisations align the agility, responsiveness and mind-set of a digitally driven, crowd sourced talent market with long-term strategic goals?

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