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2015-10-27, 10:00 am

"Once on the web, always on the web?"

The BPCC invites you to a meeting of the Technology, Media and Telecoms Policy group.

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2016-02-23, 07:25 pm

Protecting our electronic identity online

BPCC Kraków members discuss the issue with legal and business safety specialists.

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2015-11-10, 03:24 pm

Information online must be protected just as is everything in the physical world

Why does something placed online stay there forever? How does one protect data that’s been uploaded to the internet? Is it possible to separate the private from the official in the digital world? These and several other questions were answered at a meeting of the BPCC’s TMT (Technology, Media and Telecoms) policy group held on 27 October 2015. Representatives of Safreum and Porwisz & Partners were on hand to talk members through the key issues.

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2017-02-28, 09:30 am


Category: Events