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2015-11-03, 09:30 am

Cybersecurity: managing the risk

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce and AIG invite you to take part in a practical half-day seminar aimed at all companies with an exposure to cyber crime. Whatever kind of sensitive data your company stores and processes, this event is crucial to develop best practice in this area and limit your risks to the minimum. 

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2016-05-25, 12:00 am

CEOs are choosing the best CSR projects in Poland

Supporting students from the eastern borders in acclimatization at Polish Universities, women’s self-defense orrevitalisation of Kamionka, forgotten part of Praga district are one of many projects which will be presented on Enactus Poland Competition. Projects will be assessed by 120 CEOs and board members of Polish and international companies.

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2015-11-23, 01:05 pm

"Can we be hackers’ target?" is no longer the question. It’s now "When?"

The cyber security landscape is changing rapidly thanks to our greater dependency on the virtual world. One examples of the growing symbiosis between man and the cyber world is the Internet of Things. This increased reliance on the internet and technology has sadly gone hand-in-hand with greater frequency, sophistication and professionalism of hacking. While until recently companies asked whether there’s a chance that they can find themselves in the crosshairs of hackers, now they are posing the question, "when?".

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