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2018-02-06, 12:00 am

Aura Sky – the highest residential building in Praga district in Warsaw with Deckshield resin floors in the parking lot

The Aura Sky building, which has recently obtained a use permit, is the highest residential building in Warsaw's Praga district.

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2018-03-07, 12:00 am

Flowcrete Polska introduces a new technology for the renovation of concrete floors

Flowcrete Polska, a leading expert in resin flooring, introduces a new technology – Monodec Grande Lux, which allows to change the ordinary concrete floor into a visually attractive, durable and easy to clean surface with a subtle gloss.

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2018-07-25, 12:00 am

What do modern academic facilities look like?

3 inspiring projects of common space arrangement using resin floors.

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2018-09-11, 12:00 am

Modern waste incinerator in Szczecin equipped with Deckshield resin floors

EcoGenerator in Ostrów Grabowski in Szczecin, a plant for thermal neutralization of waste, converts 150,000 tons of garbage per year into energy in a way that is safe for the environment. A number of innovative technologies have been used in the facility, including specialist Deckshield floors, produced and supplied by Flowcrete Polska, a leading expert on resin floors.

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2019-02-25, 12:00 am

Sports Centre of the Medical University of Gdańsk

Sports Centre of the Medical University of Gdańsk –one of the most modern sports facilities in Pomerania –with specialist resin floors in the stands  

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2019-05-15, 12:00 am

Resin floors in museums and art galleries in 3 ways

On the occasion of the approaching Night of Museums, it is worth to have a look at resin floors that are an important, though often unnoticed element of the interior design of many museums.

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2019-06-25, 12:00 am

27 June – The World Fishing Day.

What are the highest standards for flooring in modern fish plants?

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2019-09-30, 12:00 am

New car park at the Solaris Center under Plac Kopernika in Opole with Deckshield floors

As a part of the expansion and modernization of the Solaris Center shopping mall, in a public-private partnership with the City of Opole, a two-story underground car park was built under Plac Kopernika in Opole. On the 9,300 sq m, Deckshield parking floors were applied, which are made of the material and in the technology supplied by Flowcrete Polska, a leading resin floor producer.

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2019-11-29, 12:00 am

Epoxy resin terrazzo and mineral terrazzo – what is the difference?

Warsaw, 28 November 2019 – The terrazzo floor is a timeless trend in interior design. This technology gives great designing freedom and various application possibilities, thanks to which it is used in many commercial and residential buildings. Seamless and durable terrazzo floor is now used as often as it was years ago to create splendid, extraordinary spaces.

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2019-12-17, 12:00 am

How to attractively present luxury cars?

3 inspiring projects with resin floors in car showrooms

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