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2016-01-22, 04:43 pm

BPCC in Katowice discusses factors that make countries and regions attractive to investors

Last month, Poland’s inward investment agency PAIiIZ published a report Foreign Business Has Taken Root in Poland. The report presents the results of an investment climate survey carried out in collaboration with Grant Thornton and HSBC Bank Polska. This was the basis for a meeting at which BPCC members and their guests discussed the factors that make foreign investors decide where to invest their capital. The discussion looked at Poland and the UK, and in Poland, specifically at Upper Silesia.

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2016-09-29, 08:30 am


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2017-04-27, 10:30 am


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2018-04-26, 10:00 am


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2018-08-08, 10:00 am


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2019-01-25, 12:00 am

UK Parliament Votes on Brexit Deal – Reaction

Sterling rallied by over one percent against the US Dollar on Tuesday evening, despite Theresa May’s EU withdrawal agreement being overwhelmingly shot down in the highly anticipated UK parliamentary vote on 15 January.

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2019-04-30, 12:00 am

Pound follows the Euro

Now that Brexit negotiations have been punted into the summer, the Pound more or less follows in lockstep the Euro's moves against world currencies.

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2019-05-28, 12:00 am

May resignation sends Sterling tumbling

The resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday provided the biggest fireworks of the week in currency markets. The decision and the subsequent leadership fight within the Tory party increase Brexit uncertainty and markets reacted by making Sterling the worst-performing major currency of the week.

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2019-09-25, 12:00 am

No-deal Brexit seems less likely

The Bank of England September meeting came and went, the MPC remains on hold, and the markets shrugged and largely ignored it, instead focusing on Brexit.

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