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2015-11-18, 09:30 am

Is Poland's manufacturing industry facing a skills shortage?

This event will serve as a platform for manufacturing businesses from all sectors to discuss the issue of skills and vocational training. Like the UK, Poland has identified the potential lack of craft and technical skills as a potential barrier to manufacturing.

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2015-11-19, 09:00 am

Global standards in public procurement and purchasing

The event will discuss the need for the highest global standards and the professionalisation of persons responsible for procurement, as well as the exchange of experiences by practitioners of public and private sector.

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Macroeconomic update end-January 2016

SummaryIt is clear that Poland’s economy had been left in reasonably good shape for the Law and Justice government as it took over in the autumn of 2015. The question now is, in which direction will the new government take the economy?

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Macroeconomic overview End-March 2016

SummaryThe big picture for UK companies new to the Polish market, key macroeconomic indicators updated each month.

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SummaryFirst arriving to these shores twenty years back, Joe Tunney is on the board of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce. The Insider catches up with him to talk about his time out here.

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New Postal Law

SummarySince entry into force of the new Postal Law, some of the market previously covered by the monopoly of Poczta Polska SA has opened up, and obtaining authorization to conduct postal activity has become easier.

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2015-05-26, 12:00 am

Professionalising procurement with CIPS: now it's Wrocław's turn

On 14 May, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce in partnership with British Embassy, the Office of the City of Wrocław and Profitia held a conference in session hall of the City of Wroclaw entitled professionalising procurement in Poland.

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