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2019-04-02, 12:00 am

Sterling falls sharply on renewed Brexit uncertainty

The UK Parliament was unable to agree on a single course of action regarding Brexit, except in so far as rejecting for the third time May's withdrawal agreement.

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2019-03-25, 12:00 am

May secures modest A50 extention

Sterling continued to behave like an emerging market currency last week

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2019-03-18, 12:00 am

Sterling breaks to fresh highs as Parliament rules out hard Brexit

All Brexit, all the time. The three key votes last week went as we expected: no to May's deal, no to no-deal Brexit, and yes to an extension.

Category: News
2019-03-12, 12:00 am

This week’s votes will determine the fate of the Pound

After a relatively quiet couple of weeks, we expect some volatile trading in  Sterling this week

Category: News
2019-03-04, 12:00 am

Sterling rally as prospect of no-deal Brexit fades

Though macroeconomic data out last week in the UK was unarguably weak, FX markets continue to focus exclusively on Brexit and the likelihood of a no-deal; outcome.

Category: News
2019-02-26, 12:00 am

Sterling rises as political events lower chance of no-deal Brexit

Once again Brexit headlines overshadowed all other developments as far as the pound was concerned

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2019-02-19, 09:30 am


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2019-02-19, 12:00 am

No news is bad news for Sterling

No news has clearly become bad news for Sterling over the past few weeks.

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2019-02-13, 09:30 am

Wymiana handlowa z Wielką Brytania wobec Brexitu

This content is available in Polish only:

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2019-02-12, 12:00 am

Sterling rises against the Zloty but remains weak

The Bank of England met last Thursday and issued a fairly dovish assessment of the state of the economy.

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