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2019-05-14, 12:00 am

Economic data defies Brexit uncertainty

Economic data defies Brexit uncertainty

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2019-05-21, 12:00 am

Sterling falls sharply on the breakdown of May-Corbin Brexit

Reasonably good economic data out of the UK was completely overshadowed by the forceful return of Brexit politics to the top of the agenda.

Category: News
2019-07-02, 12:00 am

Markets focus on Brexit uncertainty

News that the front runner in the Conservative leadership contest is preparing a budget for a no-deal Brexit is unlikely to help Sterling over this week.

Category: News
2019-10-08, 12:00 am

UK business confidence weakens

A rather ghastly UK PMI in the construction sector confirmed that UK business confidence is weakening noticeably, though it is hard to disentangle the Brexit effect from the worldwide downturn in sentiment.

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2017-08-10, 10:30 am


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2017-11-16, 10:00 am


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2019-03-04, 12:00 am

Sterling rally as prospect of no-deal Brexit fades

Though macroeconomic data out last week in the UK was unarguably weak, FX markets continue to focus exclusively on Brexit and the likelihood of a no-deal; outcome.

Category: News
2019-03-18, 12:00 am

Sterling breaks to fresh highs as Parliament rules out hard Brexit

All Brexit, all the time. The three key votes last week went as we expected: no to May's deal, no to no-deal Brexit, and yes to an extension.

Category: News
2019-06-18, 12:00 am

Markets bet on Boris Johnson becoming the next prime minister

Last week brought mixed data out of the UK.

Category: News
2019-06-25, 12:00 am

Bank of England issues warnining over no-deal Brexit

At its June meeting last week, the Bank of England suggested that it is growing increasingly anxious about the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

Category: News