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2018-01-03, 12:00 am

The Polish Year – 2018

The Polish calendar has many festivals and public holidays which are unfamiliar to Britons and other foreign nationals. Many will be movable feasts, which can take place at differing times of the year. These will have a direct bearing on they way you plan your company's marketing, production and human resources for 2018. Unlike the UK, where bank holidays fall on a Monday, Poland’s public holidays are scattered throughout the working week; often employees will chose to take a day or two off around a mid-week public holiday to have a long (or very long weekend). So worth checking ahead to see how 2018 will be for your business in Poland!

Category: News
2018-01-31, 08:30 am

Poland's growth in 2018: Maintaining balance?

A CEO-level breakfast to discuss the prospects for the Polish economy this year.

Category: Events
2018-02-08, 10:00 am

Future of work in Poland

It is our pleasure to invite to a meeting addressed to HR professionals from companies located in the south of Poland on the Future of work in Poland.

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2018-02-13, 10:00 am

Report: Polish construction companies 2017

Major Players, Key Growth Drivers and Development Prospects.

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2018-03-22, 09:30 am


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2018-04-19, 10:00 am


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2018-03-16, 09:30 am

Construction breakfast - free ranking discussion about market conditions in the sector today

The next meeting of the policy group will be over a breakfast, in the format of an open discussion about key issues currently of greatest concern within the sector.

Category: Events
2018-04-05, 09:30 am

A new version of a project of Act on Transparency in Public Life

A new version of a project of Act on Transparency in Public Life.

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2018-05-17, 09:30 am


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2018-05-08, 09:30 am


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