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2017-09-13, 10:15 am


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2017-11-17, 09:00 am

How to improve your soft skills to work better in Poland and win the loyalty of your teams

British Polish Chamber of Commerce and YouEnglish/YouPolish have a pleasure of inviting you to a meeting.

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2017-11-23, 06:00 pm


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2017-12-06, 09:30 am

From royalties to diamonds - the wide business applications of blockchain technology

Most of us associate blockchain - or distributed ledger - technology with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Yet its potential is far greater than just stealthy money transfer.

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2017-12-11, 11:00 am

Poland's Central Communication Hub - business opportunities for UK

The Polish government's ambitious 30 billion złoty plan to build a new airport and communication hub between Warsaw and Łódź creates new opportunities for UK businesses with experience in airport planning, design and construction.

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2017-12-14, 06:00 pm

International Christmas Evening 2017


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