Salary report I-VI 2012


We are excited to announce that the first salary reporthas been conducted by Cpl Market Flash and Cpl Jobsconsultants. The report analyses salaries for selectedmarket regions.

In preparation for the report, the salaries of more than6000 respondents were retrieved. These were based oncandidates who had replied to our job offers and who wereheadhunted by our consultants. Due to the difficult globaleconomic conditions along with investment uncertainty inmany sectors, employers have adopted a cautious approachwhen it comes to hiring new staff.

Only 20% of employers have demonstrated a willingnessto recruit new personnel. 23% of surveyed companies planto reduce their employees headcounts, and 57% do notintend to make any changes in their employment structure(PKPP Lewiatan survey, 2012). Such a situation is causedby continued reports of economic uncertainty, high labourcosts and difficulties in recruiting qualified staff.

Despite the unfavourable market situation, our researchhas revealed that there are still some sectors thatstand out and remain dominated by the well qualifiedspecialists. Adaptability and mobility give specialists in IT,telecommunications, construction and service centres,significant leverage in negotiating with potential employers.As a result, this creates an increase in salary expectationsin these sectors, and further enhances their attractivenessamongst employees. There have been notable increases insalary and employment figures in specialised fields suchas modern business services, IT / telecommunications,insurance and finance. The attractiveness of these sectorsis determined primarily by new investments (FDI inflowover the years 2011-2012) and places Poland among themost attractive investment destinations in Europe. It hasalso been brought about by stimulation of consolidationprojects, investments in optimizing the cost of managingIT infrastructure and increasing the efficiency of Polishworkers

Our analysis has also shown that the current state ofconstruction activity within the country’s road infrastructureprojects has begun to normalise. Previously there has beensignificant slowdown in the investment in this sector. Thisstagnation is a result of not only the recent economicdownturn but also the protracted wait for EU funds. Aftera fairly turbulent period, the financial sector has opened tonew recruitment opportunities, which are no longer limitedto retail banking.

The increasing level of wages in the IT industry is quiteevident and this sector is still very much a candidatemarket. This increase is associated with a growing demandfor skilled professionals. Salary expectations in this sectorare based upon the level of experience and qualifications ofthe candidate, which is essential for employers.

This Increase in revenue is certainly a positive development.If this trend is maintained, it will likely increase theattractiveness and competitiveness of the Polish labourmarket.

Gracjan Góźdź / Country Manager / CPL Jobs

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