Reduce the foreign exchange (FX) risk when exporting to CEE

Summary:Emerging Europe is a high growth destination for UK business. In 2012, British exports to the CEE region grew by £2 billion compared to 2011; this growth exceeded that achieved by British exports to China and India. The near-shore markets of Emerging Europe are ideal places for small and mid-size businesses to expand their export activities.

Finance, payment security and foreign exchange are fundamental aspects of international trade. Many SMEs exporting to new markets do not feel entirely comfortable with foreign exchange (FX). Outsourcing this risky activity to an experienced partner helps exporters manage their currency exposure.

An adverse movement in the exchange rate can dramatically change the performance of an international investment. The World Trade Organisation recently implied that “at the border of trade and other forms of transaction is the issue of forward markets. One of the realities of international trade is that traders and their bankers might need access to both spot and forward markets for currencies. Forward markets help traders hedge against exchange rate volatility”.

OSTC Foreign Exchange is a specialist currency management company focused on getting you the best FX price and helping to support your business growth. The OSTC Group has been operating in Emerging Europe for over seven years, having worked with a range of large, medium and small companies to optimise their growth in the region.

OSTC FX firmly believes that the first and the most important component of running business abroad is managing FX risk. Helping businesses understand the currency risks they face, OSTC FX offers opportunities in the currency markets to get its clients the best deal to make it easier to do business in this exciting region.

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