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Summary:Without realizing it, people all over the world use products with software that is engineered by REC Global every day.

They design and develop applications for a wide range of technologically advanced devices such as cars, washing machines and mobile phones.

REC Global is a company with significant achievements in the field of professional software engineering services, among them Software Design & Development, Software Integration & Verification, Project Management and many more.

“REC Global was established in 2007, with roots going back to the year 2000, when I was appointed as the Executive Director of Siemens Software Development Center (SDC) in Wroclaw. In 7 years I expanded the branch to more than 1000 professionals. The same success can be now observed in REC Global. When we were taking our first steps as an independent company, our aims were high. We knew that we had both experience and knowledge to achieve our goals. Now, 7 years later, we have 6 R&D centers, 13 sales & support offices, and today we are providing engineering services to 17 locations all around the world” – explains CEO of REC Global, Mr. Krzysztof Kulinski.

The company operates within a wide scope of software engineering services, especially for Embedded Systems development and in the area of Web and Mobile applications. REC Global is focused on industries such as Automotive, Industry & Automation, Telecommunications, Energy, Telematics & M2M, Healthcare and Enterprise Applications.

“Our teams perform highly demanding projects for the world’s leading car brands. We have experience in developing, testing and, of course, designing software for the Automotive industry, especially for high-end luxury cars – explains Mr. Adam Pietraszek, Project Manager at REC - We successfully deal with projects with special requirements, like adjusting the existing Infotainment System to the specific requirements of Arabic countries, or to new hardware and software platforms.”

Within the last 7 years REC Global has completed over 500 projects internationally with over 100 clients, including key customers and market leaders in countries such as Germany, USA, UK and Nordics.

“Customers develop a trust in us because we provide professional and reliable software services based on an exclusive relationship.” – states Vice President Sales for Western Europe at REC Global, Mr. Bartłomiej Andrusiewicz.

Wiesław Błysz, VP Sales Nordics Region of REC Global, explains:

“Our company is the right partner of choice for clients who are looking for a supplier that understands the specifics of high-durability product development and quality assurance. These are i.e. markets like maritime (ultra-long lifecycle and tough safety standards) and industrial automation (safety, ruggedness and standardization). REC can provide you with outstanding references from global and regional market leaders from these sectors”

The success of REC Global is based on outstanding performance and quality in delivery of software engineering projects, which is confirmed by references and endorsement of our clients.

“REC Global has already an established presence in the UK market with a number of customers in different market segments. Now, as a member of the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC), REC Global welcomes the opportunity to expand its presence even further” – added Mr. Andrusiewicz.

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