Practical M&A Guide


An overview of mergers and acquisitions in Poland. The process, structure and parties to M&A deals, legal restrictions and tax aspects, discussed clearly and accessibly. What to bear in mind, and what details require special focus.

The M&A practice at Wardyński & Partners has prepared a guide to mergers and acquisitions in Poland. In less than 60 pages, we highlight the issues vital to the success of the deal.

We describe the requirements for involvement of various types of entities: partnerships, joint ventures, investment funds, and special-purpose vehicles.

The guide reviews the legal conditions connected with the target, as set forth in environmental regulations, employment law, competition law, and regulations governing banking and finance, as well as real estate issues.

We discuss the most common types of approvals that must be obtained before closing the deal, as well as the tax consequences of M&A transactions for buyers and sellers.


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