Marketing software - IT in the service of marketing


Even the best product or service will achieve no success if the marketing information about it does not reach the customer. Today, we not only suffer from an abundance of means and opportunities to communicate with potential customers, but many of these require specialized software.

IT solutions specially designed to suit the requirements of commerce, industry or the services sector has long been established as a standard requirement. The issue of IT support for marketing, however is still a largely neglected area, where relatively small marketing modules in CRM or ERP systems are used.

Technology is the key

Marketing is chiefly responsible for information about a product or service reaching potential customers. Certainly, there is no effective marketing without open-minded and creative people, however, in the current climate this is not enough. An increasingly important role is played by advances in technology and computation that are developing at rapid pace. This may pose a challenge, but can be a great potential as well, regarding the possibility of reaching customers with your marketing message.

“Based on factors such as the rate of technological development, growing competition and customer base, we believe that marketing deserves a brand new approach. Hence, the proposal for marketing software has been developed. Technology is becoming the key to customers' minds, hearts and wallets” claims Marcin Michalski, President of the Board of Sagiton. The company deals with specialized IT support for marketing departments and the advertising sector (advertising, marketing and PR agencies, media houses, etc.). Sagiton's team of experts, among their accomplishments, has projects both for Polish businesses and international enterprises from various sectors including automotive, financial, construction, medical, media and entertainment.

Harness Big Data

Marketing software provides solutions for the recipients of marketing messages (e.g. websites, including e-stores, mobile applications, QR code or NFC technology based advertisements) as well as IT tools for the authors of the message, which allow easy management of the marketing processes, e.g. rapid introduction of new products to the market, advertising campaigns, as well as providing valuable data concerning customer behaviour.

- Today the expression "I have no idea who my customer is" is rarely is a sign of lack of information regarding the target group. The problems are usually interpreting the vast and varied data, which increments at a rapid pace, limitations in ways to effectively use this information and an inability to react rapidly to market changes, unexpected or otherwise – claims Marcin Michalski.

Properly designed marketing software enables, for example implementation of Big Data Marketing activities. This means those who use the information about customers in real time, can increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, which may easily translate into higher profits. In general, it is considered that automation, and thus the optimization of marketing processes, is a simple path to savings – in both time and money.

The pioneer liaison

Sagiton's approach, which consists of specializing itself in the direct support for marketing units in enterprises and marketing firms, is nothing short of a pioneering one.

“Marketing teams usually burst with creativity and willingness to act. However, the avalanche and complexity of processes they manage oftentimes poses an impenetrable stumbling block without the proper IT support” states Marcin Michalski.

The innovative marketing software solutions developed by Sagiton enables you to optimize the existing marketing processes on the one hand – and open the prospect of completely new activities with the use of our technology, on the other.

The direct cooperation of IT specialists with marketers creates a synergistic effect which makes it possible to elevate the customer's business to a higher level.

Fast-response advisor

The broad experience of the Sagiton’s experts enables them to view the customer as an organism, teeming with numerous business processes. Therefore, although they operate solely for the optimization of marketing processes, they never examine them aside from the remaining areas of the company's activity.

“As a result, we often come up with the initiative to take specific actions without waiting for the customer to show us the areas where our involvement is required. We become the guide through business processes and the advisor pinpointing the areas requiring support or optimization” says Marcin Michalski.

Marketing is also the field in which time is of critical importance. Sagiton's experience and flexibility offer the possibility of launching the work on the project quickly - within 48 hours on learning the customer's expectations.

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