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Summary:How the company is perceived by the stakeholders has an undeniable impact on the level of confidence they present. It seems that contemporary managers have forgotten about the huge impact of trust. That is why nowadays it is incredibly important to take care of company's image so as to empower trust management.

Why is trust so important?

These days we have many advanced softwares that facilitate all HR management processes. Nevertheless, human factor is not to be disregarded. It is scientifically proven that without a proper level of confidence it is hard to manage people. Organisational trustworthiness needs to be reinforced by various agents: its culture, policies and launched procedures, but most of all: transparent management practices (clear targets and rules, perks, fair supervision). When people find themselves working for untrustworthy organisation they can outblow internal problems externally, transfering its damaged image out of organisation... and media or your competitors hunt for your failures!

The more trust your stakeholders have, the more money your company earns.

People form their opinion on the organization based on easily observable characteristics, facts and events. Attitude to the newest product is usually drawn from the past experience with company's workers, products and ads. It's because of the fact that we love to generalise and we are too lazy and stubborn to change our points of view. And here's the point! It is hard to gain people's trust, but it is much easier to lose it. The strong reputation of the company can be destroyed by just one slip - controvertial advertising campaign, wrong decision of its management. As a consequence even the most loyal emploee can lose his motivation and engagement.

Collaboration requires trustworthy people, technologies and processes.

Not only trusting relationships between individuals are essential to build all employees' confidence. They need to believe in company`s strategy and mission, shared goals and feel strong engagement in conducted projects. Company rules of conduct, so called „Code of Ethics” is especially in vogue in the contemporary society.
Globalisation changed the conditions of building business confidence in cooperation. Today, even though companies have a strong need of generating unique offers and strive for innovation and exclusivity of their products and services, they, on the other hand, appreciate the added value of sharing know-how and technologies with reliable partners. Here the trust is the basis of doing business together, in the spirit of security of own interests.

Trust is one of the underlyng theme of Regional Conferences of Qualifications.

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