Changes in the Employment Law


On January 1, 2017 an amendment to the Act on minimum pay for work (the “Act”) will come into force. The changes will affect rules for hiring workers on contracts of mandate (Polish: umowa zlecenie) and service contracts (Polish: umowa o świadczenie usług), including the self-employed (B2B).

New provisions of law

  • PLN 13 gross is the minimum hourly rate

  • Fixed fee remuneration for work under mandate or service contracts shall amount to at least PLN 13 gross as converted into an hourly rate;

  • Remuneration shall be paid at least once a month with regard to mandate and service contracts concluded for a period exceeding 1 month

  • Obligation to confirm the number of hours of mandate or service work provided

  • Obligation to store relevant documentation for 3 years

  • The Act will not apply to contracts for a specific task (Polish: umowa o dzieło) or mandate/ service contracts where commission is the only remuneration

Practical consequences
This table sets out possible practical problems you might face when applying the Act.


Author: Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek Price: Content is free of charge