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Summary:Marta Stelmaszak, a freelance online communication specialist, successful blogger and author of The Business Guide for Translators, How to write a Translator’s CV, You need a CV that Works and presentations like Using social media in the language industry has penned 10-step guide for businesses interested in Polish markets that would allow them to make the most of their online presence and gain more Polish clients.

The guide is available for download at

The Guide consists of two parts, first explaining the intricacies of the digital economy in Poland in business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) settings in the form of an exten-sive summary. The second part contain 10 steps to getting more clients in Poland online, from preparing a separate digital marketing strategy for Poland through selecting the right channels for the business offer, to Polish native online platforms. The content of The Guide is enriched by opinions of specialists from Polish interactive agencies: B-MIND, LeadR, Me & My Friends, Pomysłowni, Email Network, GoldenSubmarine, INIS, PickleMedia, Zjednoczenie,, EmployeHR and Point of View.

The book has already proven to be very popular with businesses planning their expansion to Polish markets. One of such business owners said: “10-step Guide to Digital Mar-keting in Poland has already proven an invaluable resource. Without it, I would’ve probably wasted time and money investing in marketing on platforms that aren’t popular in Poland at all!”

Marta has been helping businesses succeed in Poland online through her popular blog, and on her website. “I help you adapt your offer to the target market in Poland, but most importantly, I help you to sell your product or service” she stated as her business mission and the reason for writing the Guide. You can find out more about 10-step Guide to Digital Marketing in Poland at

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