Climate Change and Enviroment

Transport & Environment Policy Group discusses technologies that will help business contribute profitably to a sustainable supply chain in respect of growing awareness of environmental protection, that also result in additional costs for business. Representatives of government, regulators and local authorities take part.


Climate Change and Enviroment - events

Company car fleets - change is coming

Meeting of  BPCC Transport & Logistics and HR policy groups.

Start date: 2016-06-02 Venue: ArtNorblin, ul. Żelazna 51/53, Warsaw Time: 09:30

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Open-book contracting in public procurement and UK best practices

The BPCC and the British Embassy invite you to a joint meeting of the Public Procurement and Transport Infrastructure policy groups, focused on the UK experience of using the Open Book formula in the implementation of public infrastructure projects.

Start date: 2016-05-10 Venue: British Embassy, ul. Kawalerii 12, Warsaw Time: 10:00

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Infrastructure in Poland

Poland stands midway in its massive EU-funded programme to roll out a modern network of transport infrastructure. The current EU financial perspective 2014-2020 has earmarked €27.4 billion to be spent on infrastructure and environmental protection in Poland.

Start date: 2016-02-19 Venue: British Embassy Warsaw, ul. Kawalerii 12 Time: 09:30

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How to manage business travel to achieve greatest benefits

While meeting devoted to effective managing business trips FCm Travel Express experts and airline LOT  will share the latest trends and their experience in effective managing business trips in enterprises.

Start date: 2015-10-20 Venue: British Polish Chamber of Commerce Zielna 37 Warsaw Time: 02:00

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Climate Change and Enviroment - event coverages

Rail transport as part of Poland’s Responsible Development strategy

The BPCC’s Transport Infrastructure & Logistics policy group met at the British Embassy on 10 October to discuss how to shift more freight onto Poland’s railway system.

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Car Fleet event attracts interest of admin and HR managers

The BPCC’s Transport & Logistics and HR policy groups met on 2 June 2016 for a comprehensive look at the business of managing company car fleets, against a backdrop of technological and demographic change.

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