Human Resources

The Human Resources policy group aims to promote active employment policies and standards as well as influencing public policy makers to implement modern solutions in labour legislation, drawing on UK and international best practice. HR policy group meetings often include representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, labour offices, regulators and other officials, creating a valuable platform for dialogue between BPCC members and the Polish public sector. Other issues discussed by the HR policy group include soft-skills coaching, leadership and competences.


Human Resources - events

How not to hire or dismiss an employee

This event will be held in Polish.

Start date: 2019-06-18 Venue: BPCC HQ, ul. Zielna 37, Warszawa Time: 09:30

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Teambuilding and staff retention through rowing

Building strong teams requires more than flipcharts and pizza. Rowing takes teambuilding to new levels – it is a ‘hard’ skill, based on coordination, harmony and equilibrium. It is an inclusive sport, suitable for men and women of all ages and physical strength; finding the balance between team members of different aptitudes is the secret of success – and that translates readily into business excellence.

Start date: 2019-07-12 Venue: TWDW, Wał Miedzeszyński 399 Time: 01:30

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Leadership in a period of transformation

Arthur Hunt Consulting and the British Chamber of Commerce are pleased to invite you to a business meeting about the challenges that face leaders during times of transformation.

Start date: 2018-06-28 Venue: Arthur Hunt Consulting Polska, ul. Wiejska 11 lok 18, Warsaw, (2nd floor) Time: 09:30

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GDPR – Adapting to data protection changes across recruitment services & HR management

Coming into force on 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations will have a major impact on anyone involved in HR.

Start date: 2018-04-24 Venue: BPCC, ul. Zielna 37, 00-108 Warszawa Time: 09:30

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The future of work in Poland

The future of work in Poland

Start date: 2017-11-08 Venue: BPCC, ul. Zielna 37, Warszawa Time: 09:30

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Future of work in Poland

It is our pleasure to invite you to a meeting on the Future of work in Poland

Start date: 2017-08-08 Venue: BPCC HQ, ul. Zielna 37, Warsaw Time: 09:30

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Can we afford to hire and keep underdeveloped buyers?

Developing Professional Excellence in Procurement.

Start date: 2017-04-24 Venue: British Embassy, ul. Kawalerii 12, Warsaw Time: 08:45

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Diversity management: Migration as a catalyst for development – the role of the private sector

On 25 September 2015 the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 17 goals agreed to be achieved by 2030 for the first time in the history include an explicit reference to the issue of migration. Thus, the signatories recognised “the positive contributions of migrants for inclusive growth and sustainable development”.

Start date: 2017-03-15 Venue: International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Poland, Mariensztat 8, Warszawa Time: 09:15

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Challenges for Employers in the face of employee market changes

British Polish Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with CeDo  has a pleasure of inviting you to a production group & HR meeting.

Start date: 2017-02-14 Venue: CeDo, ul. Nowowiejska 32, Kąty Wrocławskie Time: 10:00

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Company car fleets - change is coming

Meeting of  BPCC Transport & Logistics and HR policy groups.

Start date: 2016-06-02 Venue: ArtNorblin, ul. Żelazna 51/53, Warsaw Time: 09:30

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Remuneration and Productivity in Poland - trends

Productivity in Poland's economy is improving - but not fast enough. Neighbouring economies are showing more rapid growth in productivity.

Start date: 2015-10-05 Venue: British Polish Chamber of Commerce, Zielna 37, Warsaw Time: 10:00

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Executive Talent - Executive Development

As Poland's economy continues to grow, more firms are reporting difficulties in recruiting and retaining top management. Anecdotal evidence suggests that more and more Polish executives are finding senior positions abroad, with regional or even global responsibilities.

Start date: 2015-10-06 Venue: British Embassy, ul. Kawalerii 12, Warsaw Time: 09:30

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Human Resources - event coverages

Teambuilding through rowing on the Vistula river

One of the most innovative and useful event the BPCC has organised in a long while - and a lot of fun!

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Managing HR in manufacturing in an era of decreasing labour supply

The BPCC held a meeting of its Manufacturing Industries group at the premises of CeDo in Kąty Wrocławskie, 30km from the Lower Silesian capital, on 14 February 2017. The subject was the recruitment and retention of factory employees, something that local employers are finding increasingly difficult as unemployment in Poland falls to record low levels.

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Wrocław - Legal and tax aspects of delegation of employees

On the 3rd of February 2017 a seminar ,,Legal and tax aspects of delegation of employees” was held in Wrocław’s Hilton hotel. The meeting was based on the expertise of professionals representing the law firm Wierzbowski Eversheds, and under the patronage of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.

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Car Fleet event attracts interest of admin and HR managers

The BPCC’s Transport & Logistics and HR policy groups met on 2 June 2016 for a comprehensive look at the business of managing company car fleets, against a backdrop of technological and demographic change.

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Executive talent, executive development

The BPCC’s HR policy group is exceedingly busy this quarter. The day after the group met to discuss pay and productivity, it met again on 6 October to look at aspects of the Polish market for executives.

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