Trade with Great Britain and Poland

Online free-of-charge consultations, 19h January 1pm -3 pm CET (12 pm - 2 pm GMT)

In response to the agreement regulating the rules of the UK’s departure from the single European market and Customs Union on 1 January, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with experts from its member companies, has launched a series of online free-of-charge 30-minute consultations  during which you will receive advice regarding various areas of company operations and trade exchange between Poland and Great Britain following Brexit.

Our experts are waiting for your enquiries  on Tuesday 19 January from 13:00 – 15:00 CET (12:00 – 14:00 GMT)
Below is a list of available experts and the scope of the consultations. Please register here  specifying:

1. Your name
2. Company name
3. The expert you wish to contact
4. If possible, a specific question you would like to ask
5. Preferred time (to choose half-hour time slots from: 13:00/13:30/14:00/14:30 CET. If the chosen time is already booked, we will automatically assign the next available time slot.
The number of consultations is limited.

On 19 January, the following experts will be  available for consultation:

1. The economic and political situation of Poland and Great Britain
    Michael Dembinski, chief advisor to the British Polish Chamber of Commerce:

    •   Possible difficulties, unexpected effects, forecasts
    •   Impact on trade with Poland and the economic situation of both countries

2. Taxes
Adam Sękowski, Tax Manager, Crowe and Małgorzata Dobrowolska, Partner, Crowe

    •   VAT on exports and imports of goods to/from the UK
    •   Taxation of service provision
    •   Obligations of British companies operating in Poland in the light of VAT regulations

3. Logistics
   Krzysztof Łukoszyk, Business Development Manager, Raben Logistics Polska

    •   Transport models to and from Great Britain after 1 January

4. Customs and customs clearance, certification
Krzysztof Laskowski, Sales Specialist / Customs Agent, Governments and Institutions Services, SGS

    •   Electronic transit declarations
    •   Goods crossing the customs border
    •   Border systems
    •   Supply chain after January 1, 2021

5. Employee issues
Marcin Snarski, Lawyer, PCS Paruch Chruściel Schiffter | Littler Global

    •   Registration procedures for UK citizens already residing in Poland.
    •   Procedures for UK nationals who performed work as posted workers.
    •   Immigration formalities for UK citizens starting work in Poland in 2021.
    •   Business trips and short-term work of UK citizens in Poland - taking into account anti-Covid immigration regulations.

6. Protection of trademarks and patents after Brexit
    Natalia Korek, CEO, Basck:

    •   Formalities and costs required to maintain IPR protection after Brexit
    •   Registration of trademarks in the territories of the EU and the UK
    •   Registration of patents at the European Patent Office
    •   Protection of industrial designs of products