The European University of Business has established its quality and standards

Rising High and beyond the horizon the European University of Business has established its quality and standards in line with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Poland, UK, Germany and France with innovation at its core.

‘MA | MBA’
Worlds First Dual Masters Degree Programme

The European Business University of Business  metamorphosis is perfection for managers in a world of ever changing dynamics integrating global trends and adding value of knowledge transfer with key peformance indication (KPI). Opening minds with the 21st century demands for creative management.

For twenty years, the has been pursuing an ambitious program of higher education in the field of Management. We do not intent to just educate managers but confront their management challenges and prepare them to lead the business.

Our 95% success rate means that we have been able to place graduates in employment immediatly after completion. Our tradition has been establsihed on high morals, proven credibility, easy to adapt student centric learning and industry partnership.

Our programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to reflect on and develop management strategies and practice. You will be able to explore and consider your own management philosophy intertwining the learning practice and professional experience. The unique fusion of modules will engage you at executive decision making level and develop you in multi-disciplinary management theories and practices.

You will develop the strategic knowledge essential for transforming your professional skills into innovative management strategies. The student-centred approach adopted on the programme will enable you to develop high-quality executive management skills and practices.

The strategy presented to the Council of the European University of Business, chaired by Sir Graeme Davies is one that recognises the potential for bridging higher education amongst the European Union Cities. The European University of Business  CityClass™ programme has established CityClass™ in London, Berlin and Paris.

Comming soon the European University of Business (EUB) will establish a CityClass™ in each of the 27 nations in the EU.  EUB will be an exclusive university for management delivering in English medium with translation in national language with world-class teaching and research. The program will provide greater understanding in Objects emerging in the discipline of Management, including entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, team-building, development, changes and running their own business. Items in the field of finance, companies, offices and institutions. Bespoke information technology in management and ERP. The university is distinguished by close cooperation with international universities around the world including USA, UK, France and Germany. WE INVITE YOU TO STUDY AT THE EUROPEAN UNIVERSITYOFBUSINESS.

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