Survey: Industry 4.0 in Poland

Invitation to a survey.

Where are we in terms of Industry 4.0 in Poland? Do organisations invest in the digital transformation and if yes, how do they do it? Where and how do the intend to use digital technologies? And what are the biggest challenges for companies that wish to become truly digital?

Help us create the picture of Poland’s Industry 4.0.

We are trying to understand how companies invest in the Industry 4.0 solutions. Our global survey has shown that the majority of companies are very ambitious and enthusiastic about investing in such projects. However, we also noticed a number of discrepancies between plans and actual performance.

Companies want to make digital changes, yet they find it difficult to find the right path, the right balance between the benefits coming from the daily business and the opportunities to innovate and transform the business model offered by Industry 4.0.  Is it the same in Poland? This is precisely what we want to learn from our survey.

Why to participate?

  • The completion of the survey itself will help us identify your strong and weak points and how you manage in the age of digital transformation.

  • Your answers will help us create a full picture of Industry 4.0 in Poland, identify key digital initiatives and priority areas in need of transformation.

  • To thank you for completing the survey, we would like to present you with the Polish edition of Klaus Schwab’s The Fourth Industrial Revolution which, with Deloitte’s support, has just been published.

The survey should not take you longer than 15 minutes. We will appreciate it, if you share your observations and knowledge with us.


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