Savills prepares the implementation of activity based workplace

International real estate advisor Savills has carried out a pilot program for the new arrangement of its Warsaw headquarters which was compliant with activity based workplace concept.

The program encompassed 25 workplaces. The conclusions and the vision for the future changes were formed after a three-week trial period, three days of employees mobility observations, evaluation survey and workshops.

“We have decided to implement a new office space arrangement in our Warsaw headquarters. The main reason behind it is a dynamic growth of our company followed by an increase in the number of employees. Our goal is to create a high performing office environment, a space which will support the exchange of knowledge, experience and cooperation between employees. The trial period gave us a unique opportunity to test different office furniture modules. Thanks to the trial we collected feedback from our employees which will enable us to take more appropriate decisions for the future.”, says Tomasz Buras, Managing Director at Savills Poland.

Savills employees which participated in the pilot project eagerly used adjustable desks and tables and positively assessed these pieces of furniture which enabled them to change their body postures while working. The most popular piece was a telephone booth which muted phone conversations. According to the results of the survey which was carried out after the project, 93% of Savills employees actively participated in the pilot program and used various workplaces. 57% admitted that the new arrangement was more functional than the previous one, 47% claimed the clean desk policy had a positive influence on their effectiveness at work. Although the new arrangement supported integration between workers and teams, it impeded direct contact with decision makers. According to the employees, implementation of activity based workplaces will have to enable better access to floor boxes, extension cables, office stationary as well as to better enforce the rules within a quiet zone.

“Many of our clients plan to implement activity based workplace in their offices. Regrettably, during implementation process companies make numerous omissions. The final decision regarding the future solutions should always be preceded by a study of employees’ activity and movement in an office environment, consultations with employees but also a pilot project and monitoring of how employees use different pieces of furniture. The pilot project in which we participated helped us to understand the entire process better. We will certainly share our experience with our clients.”, adds Dorota Ejsmont, associate director, head of Landlord Representation Department at Savills.

An ideal office environment which Savills strives to create, supports creativity and work in focus, enables to arrange small ad-hoc meetings and supports exchange of knowledge and experience between employees. A vital aspect of the office design is possibility to make confidential phone calls. Each employee should be able to choose a zone which corresponds with his or her current needs. Without having an assigned desk employees are motivated to choose zones which will optimise work.

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