Resin floors in the renovated railway station building in Starogard Gdański

The complex of historic buildings of the railway station in Starogard Gdański underwent a comprehensive reconstruction and was opened in October last year.

The city implemented this investment as part of the project "Construction and communication of the integration node in Starogard Gdański", co-financed by the European Union. Renovation of the main train station building included application of resin floors produced by Flowcrete, which serve as a modern addition to historical elements.

The station area is one of the oldest parts of the city. Thanks to the investment in the transport hub, the city has connected all possible means of transport (trains, buses, taxis) and parking zones for cars and bicycles in one place, which makes it easier for residents to get to school or work. The station itself, as a result of the reconstruction, regained its former splendour. In the main building waiting rooms, cash desks and toilets have been arranged. In the lobby/waiting room, where it was possible, the historical floor of the fine tiles was preserved, the remaining places were filled with Deckshield seamless resin flooring in grey colour. In the facility also a room on the first floor has been arranged, in which the Flowcoat SF41 resin floor was made in a light grey shade.

These both floors have a thickness of a few millimetres and are extremely durable and mechanically resistant. They are water impermeable, thanks to which they protect the concrete substrate against damage. They are also easy to keep clean. They have high resistance to the intense pedestrian traffic, as at the railway station there are also many travellers with suitcases on wheels. The addition of quartz sand gives them an anti-slip surface, which increases the safety of travellers.

Deckshield is a polyurethane based resin floor. Thanks to such properties as flexibility, which ensures crack bridging properties, high resistance to abrasion and sound-absorbing qualities, these coatings are intended for use in car parks exposed to intensive vehicle traffic. The same features make Deckshield floors suitable also for a train station, where hundreds of travellers pass through on a daily basis.

Flowcoat SF41 is an epoxy based resin floor so strong that it is used in industrial facilities exposed to heavy forklift traffic. This solution is also popular in public facilities, in raw, minimalist, also historical, interiors.

„Resin floors form a homogeneous surface and are a neutral background that highlights the beauty of the historic interiors of our railway station, including restored, historic tiles in the lobby. In addition, they have good mechanical strength parameters and are easy to maintain, which is important, in particular in the case of public buildings” – said Janusz Karczyński, Head of the Technical and Investment Department of the City Council of Starogard Gdański, who was responsible for the implementation of the entire investment.

Resin floors at the railway station in Starogard Gdański were made by MD PROJEKT Posadzki Przemysłowe, Flowcrete Polska Approved Contractor.